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Millie has packed a picnic. Half of the picnic is for you! Half is for Millie. How many of each piece of food will you get each?

There are

4 sandwiches

2 bottles of water.

6 pieces of fruit

1 cake.

Can you record how much food you would get each?

Sharing in to groups.


There are 4 mermaids. Each mermaid has 2 shells. How many shells do they have all together?

There are 2 mermaids. Each mermaid has 10 shells. How many shells do they have altogether?

There are 3 mermaids. Each mermaid has 5 shells. How many shells do they have altogether?

Where Do Millie’s objects belong?

These objects have all been muddled up! They should belong on certain shelves.

Can you help sort them onto the correct shelves by solving the clues?



1. The SHELL is on the middle shelf.

2. The ROCK is on the top shelf.

3. The SEAWEED is on the bottom shelf.

4. The TREASURE is next to the SHELL

5. The LOBSTER is in between the SHELL and the SEAWEED



Summer term - Problem solving - Sharing equally 


This week we solved the problem in groups of 3. There was some great team work and it was wonderful to watch the different ways that this problem was solved. The children solved the problem mainly in 3 different ways. 


Through trial and error

Using estimations and mental calculations

Sharing 1 at a time to each mermaid

There are 12 shells and 2 mermaids- share the shells equally? How many each?


There are 12 shells and 3 mermaids- share the shells equally? How many each?


There are 12 shells and 4 mermaids- share the shells equally? How many each?


There are 12 shells and 6 mermaids- share the shells equally? How many each?

Spring term 2 - Week 2 - Logic problems 


Which container/s holds the same amount as mine?

What can we do to find out?

How will we know which containers hold the same amount? Which containers hold more? How will we know? What will happen?

Which containers hold less? How will we know? What will happen?

What have you noticed?



Spring term 2 - Week 1 - Finding all the possibilities 


How many different shapes can you make with 5 sticks?


Are there any shapes that you can't make and why?


"We are making a triangle" (How many sticks will you need?) "3". "We need to help together." 


"We can't make a circle." (Why not?) "Cus it won;t go around in a circle." "It won't go weeee."


"We need corners." "That one's a bit easy!" - Square.


"Maybe we should make a triangle. We definitely need 3 corners."


One group chose to make a pentagon. "We need 5 sticks. 3 and 2 makes 5." "That's not a pentagon that's a house." (How many sides does a pentagon have?) "5" (How many shapes does your shape have?) "5"


One group chose to make a rectangle. "I can't make little sides cus we can't snap them. Yes we can!" This group snapped one lolly pop stick to make two of their sides. 


"How about a diamond?"  


One group chose to make an octagon. The children realised that they didn't have enough sticks so decided that they could work with another group of children. "Maybe we could work together".   "It will have to be quite big."  "let's not do it cus it's too hard." All the children encouraged each other to keep trying. 


"5 and 5 makes 10 then take 2 away that makes 8!"

Spring term - week 6 


This week we read the story of Chinese New year and helped to solve problems for the Emperor.


There are 12 Chinese characters swimming the race across the river. Five have reached the other side, how many are still in the water? 


This week the children used puppets to solve the problem and then drew what they had discovered. 

Spring Term - Week 5


Big skeleton has 9 coins. He wants to sort them into 3 treasure chests for himself, little and dog. Each chest needs to have the same amount of coins. How coins will be in each?


Little skeleton has 7 coins. He sorts them into the 3 chests. 2 chests have the same amount in, but the 3rd chest has 1 more than the other 2 chests. How many coins are in each?

Spring term- Week 4


The children need some new things to play on at the park,They have 5 cubes and 5 cuboids to use. How many different pieces of climbing equipment can you make from fitting them face to face? 

"Attach your's because we're making a house. Your's can go here. It's like a ramp. We can't make a slide it won't work. Lets put it like this."


"I know how to build a playhouse!"

"I've built a climbing frame."

"Let's build a swing. A big one."

"We could make a bridge."


"I know what the kids will like. I know what we can do...a maze. How about a maze. How about this... all of the boxes, all of the cubes touch."


"I like it like this." 

"Like this! A tower."

"All of these connected together. I can't go through there else they won't be able to get through. We need to leave a door so she can get in."

(What have you made?) "A trampoline. 

Take a look at some of the wonderful different pieces of play equipment that were created.

Spring Term Week 3


"The doctor has found 8 bones but how can he sort them? Can you help the doctor to find as many different ways to sort the bones as you can?"

We sorted them by colour

We sorted them by colour 1
We sorted them by colour 2
We sorted them by colour 3
We sorted them by colour 4

We sorted them by the letters next to them..

We sorted them by the letters next to them.. 1
We sorted them by the letters next to them.. 2
We sorted them by the letters next to them.. 3

We sorted them by size...

We sorted them by size... 1
We sorted them by size... 2

We sorted them by the type of bones...

We sorted them by the type of bones... 1
We sorted them by the type of bones... 2

Spring Term - Week 2


Spot the dog has hidden 4 piles of bones but someone dug them up overnight. He needs to bury them again. But where were they? Some belong in the grass some belong in the mud. Can you help him to find all the different ways in which he could do this?

Spring term Week 1 - Recording our ideas


This week we had to try and find a way of recording the different eye colours in our class. The children talked in groups about what they could use. They then used materials to record their ideas. 


We found out that children in our class have blue and brown eyes. 

Week 5 - Word problems


There are 9 Yeti’s and 4 Elves how many are there all together?


Week 4 - Logic problems 


The Jolly postman’s mail has been mixed up! Can we help deliver the parcels to the right people?

Picture 1
Picture 2

Week 3 - Visual problems


The poor Jolly Postman can't finish delivering the mail because the bridge across the river is broken. Can you help to build the bridge? How many bricks will you need? Can you build the bridge with only 5 bricks?


The children then challenged themselves by setting a number of bricks they would try build the bridge with. We were really impressed by the mathematical language, team work and problem solving happening in Reception this week!


"Long bits cus it will build it quicker"

"I know... I need the biggest one. There 5 will fit."

"That bit isn't right. This ones too wobbly!"

"We only have a little gap" 

"I've got a long one that means we don't need many."

"Imagine if we had to do it with 1 that would be hard!"

"Take one away." "it was too big, too long."

"We need smaller ones." 

"That bit too, put two back that makes eight."

"We should have that there so the water won't come onto that bit."

"We are builders!"

"I think we'll get a shorter one."

"It's not even over the river. Get some more."

"I know 4 bricks!"


Week 2 - Sorting and classifying


Somebody messed up all of our fireworks! They need to be sorted into two baskets ready for Diwali. There are four different ways we could sort them.


Can you help to find all of the ways to sort the fireworks?


The children loved working together to solve this problem! We had some wonderful discussions.

Week 1 - Finding all the possibilities 


There are already 4 visitors at our Tiny Town Fair! How many different ways can you share out all of the tickets?


We sorted them by colour ...

"We've got a plan! We're going to put them into the colours in the bowl."

"I'm collecting the blue ones!"


By number...

"What do you think?"

"I know... well....***** is 2 and **** is 5"


By shape...

" I know! The ones that look like this can go in this basket!"

"....and the flashing ones in that one!


And by size... We found this the hardest. There were some really good examples of resilience! What other ways can we sort the firework? What else is different about the fireworks?

"The size!"

"Those two is little"

"I'm getting all the big ones!"


Take a look at some of the ways we shared the tickets

Which way do you think is the best way to share all of the tickets?


Everyone decided that the best way would be to make sure that everyone got the same because then it would be fair.


"we can make the same number of tickets"


"they can have 3 each"


"we need to give them all the same"