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Money and length problems

This week the problem blob has been taking the alien's pants!! I challenged the children to solve the problems by drawing pictures to record what they had discovered. 

Some children even went one step further by writing a number sentence. 

This week we used cubes and cuboids to create play equipment for the alien's new playground. 


We had to work together as a team and make sure that the faces were next to each other. 

Sorting and classifying

This week we sorted the aliens by colour, size, shape and number of eyes. 



"These one eye! They have 3"


"Cus they got 1,2,3,4,5! Pentagon. And....1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6! Hexagon if they've got 6."


" Do you have to find the right colour?" (You can do, what colours have you spotted?) 

"Blue and green."


"I've got an idea. Some big ones need sorting into one corner and little into another corner."


"We could sort them into their friends house. These have the same colour and the same eyes."


"They're only the same colour. Over her.... blue. Get some green!."


"these 2 are the same cus they have one eyes."


"Oh! That's a triangle!"


"That's like a big one." "one more little one."


"got same eye... this alien."



Finding all of the possibilities

Today we helped to sort the aliens back on to their planets.


"6 and 2"


"They can.... 2 over here and 2 over here. 2 over here and 2 over here." 4+4 (What made you choose to sort the aliens that way?) "They whispered in my ear."


"We could ask them which planet they lived on before the problem blob scared them."


"3 and 5"


"more on that one." (What made you choose to put more on Mars?) "that hot, that cold. Aliens get too cold."


"In a rocket they are all going onto this one. They like the cold."


"4 and 4 because they're the same. makes it fair."


" only 1 on that planet because its tinniest. All the others on Mars. There's more room"



Finding all of the possibilities

Oh no! The problem blob is back!


The children were on their way to visit the Eiffel Tower but the problem blob made them all get off the bus. 


There are 6 people and 2 buses. How many different ways can the people ride on the bus to the Eiffel tower?


This week we worked in 2 groups to solve the problem 


Group 1 


"Maybe we could put all of the people on one bus" "We could take the other bus away." (6+0)

"Put 3 on one bus. 3 on the other bus." "They're the same" "That's fair." (3+3)

"4 on that one. 2 on that one" (4+2)

Another child discovered that if we shared one onto each bus at a time that there are 3 on each bus too. (3+3)

"The people will look at the numbers and see if they like them. Hmmm. I want 5 on there. 1 on there." (5+1)

"We saved the day!"



Group 2

"Girls on 1 bus. Boys on 1 bus." (4+2)

"Sort by hair colour." (6+0)
"Share" (3+3)

"We can put them all on the numbers." (6+0)


Sorting and classifying fireworks

The problem blob has been causing chaos in Reception this week. All of Miss Munden's neatly organised firework pictures have been muddled up. We helped to save the day by coming up with lots of different ways that they could be sorted and put away neatly again. 


We organised our fireworks by:



Group 1 - "They match, they are the same." (What is the same about them?) "There is a 5 and another 5."

Group 2 - (Where should we put these?) "In a 2 pile."

Group 3 - "We've got to put the same number on... 2 and...... 5"

Group 4- (What else have you spotted about the fireworks?) "ah there's 2!"




Group 1 - "I'm going to find different colours. Blue and Red."

"Some have purple stars on the bottom and some have yellow stars on"

Group 3 - "We could see what colour party popper they are so they are proper piles and friends." (What colours can you see?) "Blue and green and pink."

Group 4 - (How else could we sort the fireworks?) "colours"



Group 1 - "Some of them have lines"

Group 2 - "I need deese. Spikey!"

Group 3 - "Can we do it with the spikey ones? We might need 3 plates"

Group 4 - "Dis one got de rocket one"



Group 2 - "Well these are big, small, big."

Group 3 - "That ones big, that ones little"

Group 4 - I've got big, you've got small."