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'Out of this world!' - Spring Term

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Designing and creating our immersive learning environment

Week 5 – Easter

Having flown back to Earth and finished our Space topic last week we are now focusing on Easter and learning about the different traditions that people in the UK enjoy. Our classroom has transformed too and spring has definitely sprung in our beautiful outdoor area! The children are also busy painting daffodils, helping to plan our Easter WOW event for next week and practising their Easter song.

In maths we have been learning to half objects and amounts before solving halving problems at the end of the week. We particularly enjoyed halving hot crossed buns and trying them after our maths session on Tuesday.

On Friday we enjoyed watching such a wonderful range of performances at our Comic Relief talent show.

Week 3 – Mercury and Uranus

This week we have been trying really hard to use the words similar and different to describe things around us. Lots of the children compared Mercury and Uranus brilliantly when writing their non-fiction books. We compared the temperature, colour, size, number of moons and how close they are to the sun.

Most of the children decided that they wouldn’t want to visit Uranus because of the poisonous gasses! We also spotted lots of differences on the spot the difference sheets and on the odd one out game on Busy Things.

In maths we have been learning to estimate, in PE we continued with gymnastics, balls skills and took part in a special Star Wars yoga session. In Messy fingers we have been perfecting our scissor skills and we completed our Healthy eating plates with Mrs Czornookyj on Wednesday.

However, the most exciting part of our week had to be our Holi celebration on Thursday. The children have been learning about this colourful Hindu festival for the last few weeks and so we decided that we would throw powder paint on our playground to celebrate too. We had lots of colourful hands, heaps of fun and a few colourful faces by the end of the session!

Week 2 – Saturn and planet double


It has been another busy week in Reception! We started the week by learning all about Saturn; this was the most popular planet to visit during our class vote. We learnt how it was different to the Earth and used non-fiction books to teach us new things about it. We then visited planet double and the children worked incredibly hard throughout the week to apply their new skills and solve doubling problems.


On Tuesday we celebrated Pancake day and on Thursday we celebrated World Book Day. In Reception we treated ourselves to extra reading time and stories, we created our own books on our mark making table, created book marks on our craft table and worked together to start a non-fiction class book about planets during phonics. We then had a special yoga session at the end of the day for one of our favourite books ‘We’re going on a bear hunt’.

Week 1 – Earth

This term we have chosen to learn more about the planets as the children showed an interest in them and were eager to learn their names.


This week we have started on Earth. We enjoyed hunting for clues about what makes the Earth unique in our outdoor area, amongst all the lovely spring flowers. We then wrote valentines to the Earth to say what we thought made it special. Visit our Space travel agents soon to book your next space tour.


We have also been working incredibly hard to recognise new numbers, learn about place value and write sentences more independently.

Week 6 - Aliens love underpants!

We started the week by reading Alien's love underpants and taking part in a range of different activities. We painted aliens, role played in the pants shop, wrote letters to the aliens and used puppets to retell the story. 


During the week we also learnt how to take away, read take away number sentences and solve take away problems. In PE we explored the large equipment, spent time practicing a range of other skills using balls and during healthy eating we learnt about carbohydrates.


Also take a look at our Special events gallery using the links below for pictures of the Reception children getting active for Cancer Research.

Week 5 - A picnic on the moon 

With finishing touches for our WOW event well underway the children in Reception have been incredibly excited all week! Finally on Wednesday morning, with no more sleeps left, our classroom had turned into a rocket and our outdoor area had transformed into the moon. 


We blasted off with our grown ups , with helmets on, explored the moon  and then returned to the rocket for a delicious and healthy picnic.


Well done Reception and thank you to everyone that came and celebrated our learning with us. 

Week 4 – A visit to the moon.

On Monday we took a test flight to the moon! With the help of Mr Bailey the children used lots of imaginative phrases to help them pretend ready for our WOW event next week.

When we arrived the moon was incredible. We discovered that the moon was very hard and dry with lots of craters. During rainbow challenges we took part in an experiment to see how the craters were made. Later in the week we used what we had learnt to create textured moon paintings.

In maths we learnt how to compare moon rocks by their weight and enjoyed learning how to use balancing scales to discover which rocks were heavier, which were lighter or whether they were the same.

We have also continued with phonics this week, learnt more about Chinese New Year and had two awesome PE sessions which demonstrated the children’s ability to work as a team, use equipment and stay safe.

Week 3 – Launching in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1… Lift off!!

This week our designs came to life as we created some amazing junk model rockets and launched paper rockets with the power of our breath. We were very impressed to hear the children using all of the words they have learnt to describe their rockets and see them carefully thinking about the materials they needed and using their new skills to join the pieces together.


We began to talk about Chinese New Year, learnt more about shapes, sorted aliens during our problem solving and had a fantastic tennis taster session with a coach from Boston Tennis Club.


We also welcomed lots of parents to our fine motor STAY, PLAY and LEARN event on Wednesday.

Week 2 – Preparing for lift off!

This week we continued our astronaut training. We started be learning about the parts of a spacecraft or rocket and created some wonderful designs to show what we had learnt and the different parts that we would need to include on our own rockets. We then created plans that showed the materials we wanted to use and the tools that we would need.

In PE with Miss Munden we learnt to charge the rocket boosters, fly in different pathways and handle and use equipment safely. In maths we flew around the solar system discovering flat and solid shape aliens. We brought back the flat aliens for examination and learnt to describe their properties. We also continued to add to our Scratch animation by adding a background and other objects to the scenery, we build rockets out of bricks, tried new fruits and vegetables and we started learning new sounds in phonics.

Week 1 - Astronaut training 

Welcome to Astronaut training camp! This week we have learnt all about the jobs that astronauts do and the important clothes that they wear. Every member of the class filled out an application form to say what they would do if they were an astronaut. We have all practised fixing the rocket, role played being astronauts and started to make, collect and study moon rocks. 


We also made ourselves look like astronauts on the app Scratch Jr, we made helmets, learnt about place value in maths, began multi-skills in PE with Mr Curcio, reviewed our learning in phonics so far and had lots and lots of opportunities to show and tell all of our Christmas adventures.