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Life cycles, Habitats and Micro-organisms

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We had Mrs Westoby, from Queen Elizabeth Grammar School, visit us to teach us about micro-organisms. As part of the visit we have all swabbed an area of school and placed it in a Petri dish to see if anything grows from it!

Taking swabs for testing!

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Bread Investigation


We learnt about, and grew, some micro-organims with Mrs Westoby from Queen Elizabeth Grammar School.  We are going to use this experience and knowledge to conduct our own investigation where we will attempt to grow mould!


How does the location of the bread affect the speed in which mould grows? 

Is there a difference between purchased and home made bread?


To further develop our investigative skills, we will be placing bread in transparent, sealed bags, in different areas of the school to see if there is any difference in the pace in which mould grows.  As a second part of the investigation, we will also investigate if purchased bread grows mould at the same rate as home made bread.  The only variable being changed will be the location of the bread.

Making Bread

Making Bread 1
Making Bread 2
Making Bread 3
Making Bread 4
Making Bread 5
Making Bread 6
Making Bread 7
Making Bread 8
Making Bread 9
Making Bread 10
Making Bread 11
Making Bread 12
Making Bread 13