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Land Ahoy! Summer 2019

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Week 3

This week we set sail on a new pirate adventure. As a class we role-played setting sail, climbing the riggings, saving people who fell overboard and looking for a new land to explore.

We found a box of treasure with pictures and objects from Africa. The children talked about how life might be different in Africa and we made a list of all the wonderful things we might see, hear or smell while we were there. We then wrote a postcard home talking about the lovely things we experienced.

We also read the book ‘One Plastic Bag’ by Miranda Paul This is about Isatou Ceesay and the Recycling Women of the Gambia who turned plastic bags into something new and exciting.

In maths we did lots of problem solving! We learnt how to listen for key pieces of information and what resources might be helpful to use.

Week 2

This week we also enjoyed a treasure hunt and lolly pop making. We had to read the instructions and clues carefully to find out what to do. We also learnt how to make posters. We created wanted posters for pirates and posters to tell people about plastic pollution.

In maths, we learnt to share pirate treasure equally into groups.

Finally, in plan-do-review we combined materials to make our own pirate faces.

Sustainable Development Goal 14 - Life below water

Reception have started to look at the effect plastic in our oceans has on sea life; some fantastic questions were asked. We discussed as a class how it puts animals in great danger, we also talked about and demonstrated single-use plastics and reusable plastics, and how reusable plastics are much more beneficial for the environment.


Later in the week the children created posters to tell others about plastic pollution. 

Week 1

On our first day back we launched the topic with a pirate WOW day. The children made their own costumes, spoke like pirates, played team games, did pirate yoga and learnt about life on board ship.

This week we have also learn to count on and back and solve pirate word problems in maths.

In phonics, we wrote speech bubble with pirate phrases and took part in treasure hunt where we had to read each clue carefully.

In art we learnt how to collage by combing lots of different materials to make a picture of a pirate ship.