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KS2 Play - July 2016

11th July: The first performance went amazingly well! If you haven't been yet, you're in for a treat! Their costumes are fantastic, so a huge "thank you" from us for sorting those. 


On Wednesday and Thursday evenings, please make sure your child comes back to school in their costume and brings any additional costumes with them. They should be back at school no earlier than 5:45pm please. We would like to start promptly at 6:00pm.


Thank you.



The parts have been given out and now the children are busy learning their lines and songs. If you have any queries about the costumes, please don't hesitate to contact us. Some guidance was given when we handed out the parts so hopefully the children will already have an idea. 


The children in Class 2 do not have speaking parts but they are on and off the stage quite regularly. They have one of three parts: evacuee (plain clothing, no brands), a woman during the war (dungarees/overalls, boots etc.) or a soldier. The children chose which part they wanted before these were allocated. 


We would be very grateful if all costumes be in school no later than Wednesday 6th July please so that we can have a full dress rehearsal. 


Thank you for you support.