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Keeping safe

E-Safety Ambassadors


This year we are working collaboratively with schools in Kyra East on E-Safety.  Pupils are gathering together with Internet Safety Specialists, exploring the skills and knowledge needed to keep us safe on the internet.  The E-Safety Ambassadors are then tasked with disseminating this information to the rest of the school. 


We cannot wrap our children in bubble wrap; we need to equip them with the skills needed to keep themselves safe.


The group will meet again at Spilsby Academy in October 2017.

Our E-Safety Ambassadors

Our E-Safety Ambassadors 1
Our E-Safety Ambassadors 2
Our E-Safety Ambassadors 3

Kyra East E-Safety Ambassador meeting September 2017

E-Safety with the NSPCC

Supporting our parents with keeping their children safe on the internet

Keeping ourselves safe around dogs - The Dog Trust visited and ran workshops for each class in school.

Learning how to ride a bike on the road safely.