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Our Learning Environment - Gryffindor Common Room

Summer 2 - Week 3

What a beautiful sunny week it has been. The children have been loving the sunshine and are now really good at remembering their hats, putting on their own sun cream and remembering to drink plenty of water.

In maths we have been learning about place value. In art we learnt how to print and created special prints of the magical trees from our stories. In PE with Mr Curcio we learnt how to use foam javelins and lightweight shotput.

During circle time we have been discussing changes, growing up and talking about transition. The children are now very excited to go into class 1 and have thought of lots of questions to ask Miss Drury about being a year 1.

Summer 2- Week 2

Before half term some of the children had asked if we could learn about magical trees. So we decided to create our own. We started by thinking about what our magical tree would do and drew a picture. Throughout the week we learnt about the different parts of a story. We described our tree and its magical properties at the beginning. We thought of a problem that might happen and wrote about it in the middle and then finally we wrote the end to our story where we resolved the problem. We have been blown away by the children’s wonderful stories and imaginative ideas.


In maths we continued to practise learning our number bond facts, counting in 10’s and counting in 2’s. In PE we did long jump and ‘Room on the Broom’ yoga. We also enjoyed a STAY, PLAY and LEARN with our grown-ups where we talked about transition and created wizard hats, decorated our own school ties and made Harry Potter puppets.

Summer 2- Week 1


We have been so proud of the maturity, hard work, group and independent work that we have seen in Reception this week!


In maths the children have reviewed using a number line to add and learnt how to use it to count on. Later in the week we learnt about number bonds to 10 and used this skill to work out how many more we needed to get to 10. The children have also worked on other skills, independently, including finding one more and one less and counting in 2’s and 10’s.


Before half term some of the children asked if we could learn more about Harry Potter and wands; so this week we did just that. We started by watching a very short Lego harry potter clip where Dobby uses magic to make a cake fly into a lady’s face. The children loved working in groups to describe the characters’ appearance and their personality over the course of the week.


We also designed and made our own wands. We thought about the pattern, length, colour and core. After making these we reviewed our work, thought about improvements and also complimented the strengths of each other’s work.


At the end of the week I challenged the children to order the Harry Potter story clip and write about each part. Mrs Cockram was so impressed with their beautiful writing that all of the children received a head teachers award sticker.

Week 6


With sports day, a falconry experience, a maths STAY, PLAY and LEARN session, a movie night and a green event we have had an incredibly busy last week of term.


However, we have still managed to do lots and lots of learning. The children have loved learning how to measure objects with blocks, we have practise reading and writing in phonics, compare more old and new objects, created dance patterns in PE completed our Easter project with the school in Poland and started our new e-twinning project, Travelling Teddies, by looking at the countries that our teddy would be travelling to.

Week 5

On Monday morning we were very excited to see all of the potion making ingredients and containers that had appeared in Reception. We had lots of fun mixing the colours, cutting up the herbs and smelling our wonderful concoctions. The children displayed some fantastic teamwork and relationship building too!


The children then watched Miss Munden’s potion making carefully. We needed to remembered the order of the instructions to ensure that the potion didn’t explode.


Next we learnt about bossy words, that tell us what to do. We labelled each part of the process with a bossy verb. Finally, we used this as a plan to write the instructions for our potion.


During the week we also did lots of repeated addition problem solving,  learnt how to create our own music by making musical patterns, we learnt about old toys in guided reading and then used the iPads to record the new facts that we had learnt.


Our Polish friends also sent us a video of themselves singing an Easter song in English so we learnt it too ready to send back.


At the end of the week a school Malta shared their creations for Mother’s day. We learnt that people around the world celebrate Mother’s day on a different day to us. We made another Mother’s day card for our Mummy’s and special grown-ups at home. We were happy to give our grown-ups extra love.

Week 4

We started the week off with some lovely independent weekend news. It is wonderful to see how far the children have come with their writing and the confidence they now have to write in sentences!

In Maths we have been sharing Bertie Bots Every Flavoured Beans and jelly slugs between Ron, Hermione, Hagrid, Harry and sometimes even Malfoy! The children have had to resist eating the mouth-watering sweets during the session. However, we did have a jelly slug each at playtime on Monday because of our hard work and careful counting!

This week we have also been broomstick racing, solving problem and deciding of ways to record what we have discovered, learning about the magical objects and how their compare to the objects we have at home or school and how they compare to objects used in the past. The children were astonished to discover that at one time there was no electricity which means they wouldn’t be able to play on iPads or even turn on a light bulb.

Towards the end of the week we have enjoyed following instructions carefully to make magic spells and potions work.

We are also continuing to read through our class book, Mr Majeika, which the children are loving!

Week 3

This week we have gone potion mad!

In Maths we made potions while learning about capacity and volume

In Communication and Language (circle time) we acted out the effects of different potions.

In Guided Reading we read potion instructions.

In Messy fingers we coloured our own potions and learnt about careful colouring

In ICT we talking about our own potions and learnt how to video ourselves on the iPad

And finally, in Phonics, we started to write a list of the ingredients we would need for our potion

Week 2

This week we have learnt to name and describe the properties of solid (3D) shapes. The children have worked really hard to remember all of these tricky names!

We have also made our own Cornish pixies friends and have enjoyed writing and reading letters from them. During guided reading we learnt a little bit about the Cornish Pixies likes and dislikes before answering how and why questions to show that we had understood what we had read.

Towards the end of the week we started to learn about environments and the materials which objects are made of. We used lots of language to begin to describe similarities and differences.

It has also been really lovely to see the children role playing as wizards and witches and enjoying the hail storm on Wednesday!

Week 1

WOW, what busy first week back! With a Harry Potter experience day and magical Cornish pixies visiting Reception it is no wonder that we have all been incredibly excited!


On Thursday the cheeky Pixie’s escaped their cage and decided to hide Miss Munden’s Wizard Newspaper around the outdoor area! Not only that but they made the pictures disappear. The children read the stories carefully and drew a matching picture back in the boxes. Phew!


However, as the pixies did not return the children decided that they wanted to write letters to them and find out more about them. So the next day we did just that. We also learnt that in Harry Potter the wizards send their post by owl.


This fitted in perfectly with the arrival of our very own Easter parcel from a nursery class Poland. This is as part of our e-twinning project. It has been such a wonderful experience to share traditions and find out about other cultures. After opening it, exploring the kind gifts and deciding what we would send back we discussed the difference between wizard post and real post. The children asked if next week they could learn about how parcels travel to different countries.


During the week we also created floating and sinking potions by sorting objects (ingredients), listened to a piece of music called Harry’s wondrous world in PE and began to create our own dance routine and worked really hard in maths to develop our methods for addition and subtraction.

Harry Potter Experience Day

WOW! What incredible first day back. The children have loved portrait painting with Miss Drury, Quidditch with Mr Lee, potion making with Mrs Clarke and creating magical creature noises with Miss Munden in music.