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GBA Actioneers 2017/18

A new year and new things to learn and discuss!  This year we are beginning to work towards the Rights Respecting School Award and will use GBA Actioneers as a vehicle to look at the Convention in addition to continuing to develop our knowledge and understanding of the global world.  

Week commencing 11th September

Week commencing 11th September 1
Week commencing 11th September 2


We could make this happen by working very hard and being mature enough to complete our goals.


We will achieve this by working together.


We can make that happen by being determined to achieve that goal and not giving up.


We want to achieve being the best that we can be.  For example, achieving 1000 points in Mathletics every week, doing GBA Bingo, all the five Rs and trying hard in class.


Take more risks in class and listening more.





You need to try and try and try again.

Use things in the classroom.

Watch others to see how they do it.

Brain   Buddy   Boss

Be resilient

Week commencing 18th September

Week commencing 18th September 1
Week commencing 18th September 2



Us, we are responsible for peace because it is out of choice if we are kind or not.


Everybody is responsible for peace because everybody has the right to have peace.


Everybody is responsible for how they act, so therefore everyone is responsible for peace.


Us because if other people start to follow what one person does then it will make a change.  Everybody is equal.





In class one we related the concept of peace and having global peace with everyone being happy on the playground and how we can achieve this.  Pupils were able to identify that if we all chose to be kind on the playground there would never be any unkind times during playtime.  They explained how they were in charge of their behaviour and adults helped them.


Some children commented on how they had seen stories of war on the News and that some countries were fighting.  We then talked about how if everyone chose to be kind in the world we would not have war.  Children concluded that we could have peace if we all made the right choices.