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GBA Actioneers 2017/18

A new year and new things to learn and discuss!  This year we are beginning to work towards the Rights Respecting School Award and will use GBA Actioneers as a vehicle to look at the Convention in addition to continuing to develop our knowledge and understanding of the global world.  

Week commencing 11th September

Week commencing 11th September 1
Week commencing 11th September 2


We could make this happen by working very hard and being mature enough to complete our goals.


We will achieve this by working together.


We can make that happen by being determined to achieve that goal and not giving up.


We want to achieve being the best that we can be.  For example, achieving 1000 points in Mathletics every week, doing GBA Bingo, all the five Rs and trying hard in class.


Take more risks in class and listening more.





You need to try and try and try again.

Use things in the classroom.

Watch others to see how they do it.

Brain   Buddy   Boss

Be resilient

Week commencing 18th September

Week commencing 18th September 1
Week commencing 18th September 2



Us, we are responsible for peace because it is out of choice if we are kind or not.


Everybody is responsible for peace because everybody has the right to have peace.


Everybody is responsible for how they act, so therefore everyone is responsible for peace.


Us because if other people start to follow what one person does then it will make a change.  Everybody is equal.





In class one we related the concept of peace and having global peace with everyone being happy on the playground and how we can achieve this.  Pupils were able to identify that if we all chose to be kind on the playground there would never be any unkind times during playtime.  They explained how they were in charge of their behaviour and adults helped them.


Some children commented on how they had seen stories of war on the News and that some countries were fighting.  We then talked about how if everyone chose to be kind in the world we would not have war.  Children concluded that we could have peace if we all made the right choices.

26th September

26th September 1
26th September 2



Yes unless you have a reason or if you are hurt or ill and have a condition.


There should not be the same rules for everyone, for example children can't drink alcohol and adults can so if an adult wanted a glass of wine they could have one.  Also, children are not allowed to drive so adults wouldn't be able to if there were all the same rules.


Yes we should all have the same rules but sometimes they should be changed if necessary.


You should all have the same rules but if you have a bad condition that affects the rules, the rules should be adapted.



Yes because if one person could do something and the other couldn't it wouldn't be fair.


Yes because one rule for this person and another for another is not fair.


Yes, so it's fair.


No, naughty people should have more rules than good people.


We then discussed how if someone really struggled or couldn't do with something would it be fair to have the same rules, for example, if someone had asthma and the class had been asked to run round the field and the rule was not to stop, would be it be fair to still make them follow the rule.


We then had the following answers:


No, because some people might not be able to do what others can.


Everyone is unique.



3rd October

3rd October  1
3rd October  2
3rd October  3
3rd October  4



Yes because everyone has a voice and everyone deserves a second chance.  Also everyone has different talents and we should respect them all.  In our school vision it says relationships and risk taking alongside our core values of respect.


Yes because if you were worried about something then you could tell a teacher and they support you.  In our vision it says, 'And inspirational staff who put the whole child first in all that they do.'


We think yes because here at Gipsey Bridge we are all well cared for and the staff try to get to know us as a person, not just a student and our rules are supposed to be followed by all and everyone does.  In the school vision it says, 'All children should be able to reach their full potential.'  This means they can help you.


Yes because everyone deserves a voice and this school provides that voice and potential that we can fulfil.  Additionally this school cares for its pupils.  In the school vision it says '... have freedom of expression and reach their true potential.'


We think yes because our school vision has a lot of great aspects including some from the Rights Respecting School Award and our vision gives all children all the suitable rights for us.  'To take a personalised approach to meeting the needs of our children.'

11th October - this week the School Council led the session discussing what they are doing and how they represent the whole school.

11th October - this week the School Council led the session discussing what they are doing and how they represent the whole school. 1
11th October - this week the School Council led the session discussing what they are doing and how they represent the whole school. 2

17th October

17th October  1
17th October  2
17th October  3
17th October  4



We think it should be everyone because if we all stand together and say 'no' we can make it stop together.  If everyone just doesn't do anything about it the problem will carry on, that's why if everybody works as a team the problem will get sorted out.


We think everyone should tell the Government.  If we all stand together the Government will listen to us.


All of us, because one person can't make much of a difference but if we all unite we can make a worldwide difference.


It is the responsibility of us to speak out and the Government and Police to sort it out.


It is our responsibility to stop slavery because we all have a voice and if we all stand together we can say no.



We talked about what slavery is and we all agreed that it was a bad thing. 


When we looked at the Rights for every child we discussed how these were in place to protect every child in the whole world as children are special and as adults, it is our responsibility to protect them.  We knew that slavery took away a child'd right to play, to have an education, to be protected and to have a voice.


 When asked who should help stop slavery we had the following responses:

  • The King and Queen
  • Police
  • Ourselves
  • God
  • Our friends
  • Our parents
  • The Armed Forces
  • All of us

31st October

31st October 1
31st October 2
31st October 3
31st October 4
31st October 5



Article 2 in six words...


All children deserve every single right.


All children deserve to have rights.


Making sure every child has rights.


The UNCRC protects every child.

KS2 working together

KS2 working together 1
KS2 working together 2
KS2 working together 3


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Article 2 in six words

6th November

6th November 1
6th November 2



We worked in small groups thinking about words and phrases that explain the significance of poppies.


Poppies lie where soldiers died

So we remember the people who fought for our lives


As the guns lay silent

The poppies grew


On the 11th hour, of the 11th day, of the 11th month

We remember those who died

They saved our lives and our freedom

And were brave enough to die

As the brave dead lie

We sadly say goodbye


Poppies grow

Where we lie below

The guns lay silent

So there's no violence


All of the soldiers that were brave

Thank you so much

The poppies represent your grave

A massive thank you we have to say

Under the poppies you all lay



On the 11th month and the 11th day

We bow our heads and we pray

 by Jack


We remember the dead

When we lay in our comfy bed

by Emma


We wear our poppies that are black and red

We wear them to remember all the people that are dead

by Maya

13th November

13th November 1
13th November 2
13th November 3
13th November 4


KS2 1
KS2 2
KS2 3
KS2 4
KS2 5
KS2 6