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Fruit Shoot and Spils and Bea - Working together with Spilsby Primary School.

This year we are working really closely with Foundation Stage children and staff at Spilsby Primary school. This will give the children the opportunity to make links with other children the same age as them, learn about the things that they are doing and share their learning and experiences with others outside of school.


Our dragon Fruit Shoot has already been to visit the children at Spilsby. Take a look at their website to see what Fruit shoot has been doing.

We have also had two visitors to our classroom. Spils and Bea. We share all of our learning with Spils and Bea and then send photos and work back with them to show the children at Spilsby. We really look forward to finding out new things about the children at Spilsby. Here are some of the photos of Spils and Bea working with us at Gispey Bridge.