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Welcome to Foundation!

 In Foundation Class we like to learn through play, both indoors and outdoors - so don't forget to bring your coat! 

Foundation Class currently has 15 children, Miss Cook (Foundation Class Teacher) and Miss Wenninger (Student Teaching Assistant) who both like to have fun while teaching and learning takes place!

Our days are very busy learning about letters and sounds, numbers and shapes and doing lots of investigating. We have six areas of learning within our curriculum:
*Communication, Language and Literacy (CLL)
*Problem Solving Reasoning and Number (PSRN)
*Personal, Social and Emotional Development (PSED)
*Knowledge and Understanding of the World (KUW)
*Creative Development (CD)
*Physical Development (PD)

The Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum emphasises that children should learn and be 'assessed' through play (we call this child initiated activity). The curriculum states that children are entitled to spend 50% of their time playing. Therefore, many of our activities are practical and can sometimes get very messy! We also place an emphasis on independence - for example children are expected to know where items belong so they can access them at different times of the day. Children are encouraged to help each other too (for example putting on/ fastening aprons and to operate the interactive whiteboard). 

Children in Foundation Class are 'assessed' mainly through observation, where an adult writes down (or photographs) what they see and hear the children doing and saying while they are playing. We then use the observations to think and plan carefully where the child needs support and opportunities to help them further progress and develop. The observational evidence is then placed in each child's individual 'Learning Journey' book. We also encourage Parents to note down the significant moments which happen at home and pass them on to us to include as evidence - this happens on our 'Note From Home' slips.

The Foundation Class is laid out with 'areas' to play and learn in, for example we have a role play area, phonics area, ICT area, maths area, art area, reading area, writing area and construction area.

Outdoors is a different environment, with more space for the children to work and play in! We are aiming for a more 'natural feel' outdoors with lots of opportunities to learn about the environment and use the natural objects within it.
There are opportunities to use weather equipment, gardening tools, larger physical equipment and construction on a larger scale.

Foundation is a busy and lively learning environment with lots going on, I hope this indicates a little about what happens there!

'I hear and I forget, I see and I know, I do and I understand' (Ancient Chinese Proverb)

Keep checking this section of our school website for further news!

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Transitions - 21 June 2012


Today the current Foundation Children visited Class One and spent the afternoon taking part in activities to help them work with the children who will share their class next year. Miss Burley said everyone was happy and worked well!
Well done Foundation! I hope you are all looking forward to next Thursday afternoon!

I was very pleased with how confident all the new Foundation Children joined us in the classroom today! Everyone was happy and confident to leave their care givers behind and play in the classroom. Today we shared the story: Harry and the Dinosaurs Go To School, where we found Harry did many things we did today! Everyone drew a picture, wrote their name for me and enjoyed some time to play. There was just time for some super singing before Parents and Carers came. I look forward to seeing you all next Thursday at 1.15 again!

Our final term of the school year! - 18th June 2012


My my, how quickly the year has flown by! Now here we are in the last term and it is so short too! It is very difficult to fit all the brilliant events into a short final term - but we will try very hard to do so.

This term our topics are: Holidays, Olympics and throughout the term we shall be thinking and discussing Transition a lot!
* Holidays will include: learning about different places both in the UK and other Countries - the different languages and ways people live, thinking about appropriate ways to travel, weather and suitable items to take on holiday, the seaside and how the seaside used to be in the olden days.
* The Olympics will look again at different countries, flags, different sporting events.
*Transition - the children will have opportunities to play and work with the children from Class One, to get to know Miss Burley more and start to build closer friendships and relationships with the children and adults they will be working with in September when they become 'big, grown up Year One children!'


We have a number of people who will be visiting Foundation Class to help us find out more about our topics this term. Some do require payment and without your kind support it is not possible to have the visitors in school. Visitors bring a different dimension to learning for the children as they are experts!

We also have a number of whole school events planned such as the Science Open Morning, Sport's Afternoon, Move up afternoons and the infamous school summer fête. Please check the calendar section or refer to your newsletters for the correct dates and times! We hope to see you all around school on many occasions this term!

Finding out about past projects - 23rd May 2012



That is the only word to describe the projects and efforts the Parents, Carers and Children have put into the projects to help them find out more about the past!

We spent most of Tuesday discussing and sharing the projects with the other children in the class, I was very impressed with the facts the children had remembered after speaking to people older than them to find out about childhood in the past. We also had some visitors in school that day who heard a few of the children talking about their project and thy were impressed too!

They are sooooo brilliant I have displayed them in the foyer at the main entrance to school, keep a look out for yours!


Diamond Jubilee 23rd May 2012

Today we have started to learn about the Diamond Jubilee and what it actually is. We started to make some decorations for our Jubilee Celebration Concert and wrote some messages to the Queen!

We looked at the Jubilee website (please see the links) and linked some of the old black and white You tube videos to our projects regarding the past. The children enjoyed watching the Queen come back from Kenya and stepping off the plane and then watching some of the celebration parade. We will continue to learn more about the Jubilee over the next few days!

Also a quick reminder to ensure children bring to school a named sun hat, the children are even more eager to use our outdoor learning environment now the weather has turned very hot!!

Term 5 is Ready to Go - 16th April 2012

We are in the final third of the school year! It is a shame that the weather is not a little warmer, but I am sure that will not stop Foundation playing and working in our outdoor area! Over the next term please make sure your child is equipped with the most appropriate clothing for school - the weather will be changeable, but we will still be outdoors!

This term Foundation will be working towards the Team GB Challenge, which Mr Booth will be launching tomorrow with the children and more details will follow for Parents...

Our topic this term will be 'Growing.' We will be learning more about plants, animals and people.           
We look forward to hearing and reading all about the children's holiday experiences tomorrow! Hopefully there will be a few excited children when they see some of the changes within the classroom...I have been very busy! We are looking forward to seeing everyone fit and healthy back at school and hope the chicken pox have left Gipsey Bridge! 

Please bring..... - 16th February 2012


...to school on Tuesday 21st February your bedtime teddy or 'Snuggly' to join you for circle time! If you do not want to bring your special teddy, because it is too special, then you could bring a photograph to of it to show and share with everyone! 

Term 4 - 17th February 2012


Phew! We are fast approaching Term 4 and the topic for the term will be 'Transport.' I am really looking forward to this topic!

We will focus each week on forms of transport such as transport in the: 'Air', 'Water', and 'By Rail', 'By Road.' The children decided last term that they would like a garage, car wash and a petrol station outdoors to role play, while indoors they decided upon a supermarket. Therefore the first week back we will be spending some time setting these role play areas up.

We have now finished teaching all the sounds the children should know for the Reception Year, and we will focus on building reading stamina and writing skills based on the phonics the children know.

Update on the Foundation Class outdoor area - 3rd February 2012

Since the photographs of the development within the Foundation outdoor learning environment were taken (September 2011) the grass grew and I thought that I really should take a few minutes to take new photographs of the area and load them on the website. However a couple of weeks ago when I tried this, the photographs really did not do the area justice - the weather was cold and the sky was overcast, making everything look very grey. Now, a few weeks later it has been covered in snow!

When the sun starts to appear and the plants start to grow I will make sure I load new photographs so everyone can see how great our outdoor area looks! I am looking forward to some sunshine now and after the cold snowy weather I know many of the Foundation Class children are too! Keep a close eye for the new photo's appearing soon!

Term 3 a note for Parents/Carers - 4th January 2012

Welcome back after the holiday everyone! We hope you enjoyed the Christmas holiday!

A newsletter will be placed in book bags tomorrow, briefly outlining our topic for this term - 'Traditional Tales'

The children chose to look in more detail at five stories:
*The Three Little Pigs
*Little Red Riding Hood
*The Three Billy Goats Gruff
*The Elves and the Shoemaker
*Jack and the Beanstalk

So over the next few weeks we will be basing most of our adult led activities around these stories. The children decided they wanted a 'party' for the role play area, we thought about the ball which Cinderella attends in order to select resources for our role play area. For the remainder of this week we will continue to add resources and labels etc to the area, as well as learn about clocks and o'clock to tell the time.

We will begin our Letters and Sounds next week, so please look out in book bags for the Phonics Books next Friday. Just to remind you that these will need to be returned to school the following Tuesday similarly to last term.

There will be a focus on positional and directional language for maths over the upcoming weeks, which links to our stories well.

PE will also be starting again now the stage has been taken down and we can use the hall, so please ensure PE kits are back in school for Tuesday. Please check everything is named, as mistakes do happen. If it is named it will usually make it's way back to you though.

I once again look forward to working with you all this term! Please remember to call in and speak to me if you have any queries or problems you need to discuss!

Learning Journey Books - 4th January 2012


Welcome back after the Christmas holiday, I hope you all enjoyed the 'rest'!!

Thank you to those of you who have already returned the Learning Journey books, we can now add the remainder of evidence from term 2 and start to build our evidence for this term too. If you have not yet returned the books, please could you do so as soon as possible, so we can add further evidence.

When looking at the Learning Journey books please bear in mind the following:

*each Learning Journey book is like a 'scrapbook' with notes of what your child does or says mainly during their play. Therefore the notes will not always be neat and tidy as it is written as your child says or does what is observed
*the notes are 'snap shots' of some of your child's time in school. Your child also takes part in adult led activities and tasks, but the evidence from this type of activity does not have as much emphasis placed upon it.
*the chart in the front shows what we need to look for while your child plays, this is how we know your children are progressing. Most of the statements are not in any order and every single statement does not have to be 'achieved' by the end of the year. The statements can be very broad and I have a file which outlines what things the children should be doing for each statement.
*the chart in the back of the book is for me to use in school and is a chart so I can find the evidence quickly and effectively.

I hope you have enjoyed looking at the Learning Journey books. Also, if you have any questions or would like to know more, please call in to speak to me. If I can not speak to you straight away we can organise a time together when it is convenient.

Car Crashes - 23rd November 2011


If your child has spoken enthusiastically about car crashes this week, please blame Mr Booth! Mr Booth set everyone a writing task which involved writing a report about a car crash - but please do not worry no-one was hurt.
Somehow the children in Foundation Class were very eager to explore this subject further, with one child asking if we could look on the computer to watch some viddeos of racing car crashes, like we had watched videos last week for ICT.
So, I went home, changed some of my planning and searched for a suitable video online (one without too much impact and where no-one was hurt). Today (Wednesday) the children used Youtube to watch a racing car crash. Everyone was very eager to talk about what they could see and hear! The children were then shown how to use the flip camera to film their own car crash using the small world cars and street/road mats. With a little help everyone made their own film and one is now live on this website.
Check out the short film 'Foundation create their own car crash' now!!!

Open Morning - 11th November 2011


Thank you to all the visitors who came to see how Foundation Class learn this morning! We hope you enjoyed watching us learn all about 'Communication, Language and Literacy.' We try to look after each other and work together to learn and we hope you saw this as well as our developing skills in reading and writing.

'Living, Learning and Growing Together!'

We are in Term 2 Already - 1st November 2011


Well here we are in Term 2 already! And from our newsletter (out on the 3rd Nov) you will be able to see we have a jam packed term ahead!
 Please look out for dates for our Nativity Performances. Foundation Class join with the children to perform a Nativity in the school hall each year. This year we have a fantastic play in mind! I am sure in the lead up to the performances you will hear lots of humming and singing - so listen out for those 'sneak previews' of the songs, which we will soon be starting to learn in Class.

Outdoor developments
Our outdoor area continues to develop, the grass is growing well and the children keep informing me that it is OK to play on it now because 'the grass has growed!' The reflection area will hopefully soon be finished, with more covering and wooden logs inside to sit on. 
This term our theme is 'Celebrations and Festivals', which lends itself to learning and exploring different cultures and what some people believe in and other people do not. We will be exploring Divali, Halloween, Bonfire Night, Hanukkah, Chinese New Year and of course Christmas. 
Support from home 
I would like to take this opportunity to say a huge THANK YOU to everyone at home, for helping the children to settle into school well during the first term and all the support you provide in completing tasks which are sent home for the children to complete. It really helps to work together. Please continue with all of your good work in Term 2! If you have any questions or worries, please pop in and speak to me - I will do my best to answer as best I can, or point you in the direction of further information! 

Louie - 19th September 2011


Foundation have a friend!

Louie has asked to visit everyone at home, so he is going home each night with a different child from our class. Louie would  like to say thank you to all the families he has visited so far. Louie said he has had a fantastic time going to car boots, walking dogs, playing on trampolines and helping people with their jobs.

Louie says 'Sorry if I have not visited you yet, but it takes time to meet everyone and I hope I will be visiting you soon.' 

Miss Cook says 'Thank you to everyone who has looked after Louie so far and for helping him to take care of all his belongings. Also thank you for all the great diary entries, we love to share these at the end of each day!'

Science Week 2011 - 17th September 2011


Foundation Class worked hard on all the Science week activities and we hope you enjoyed looking at all their efforts. A big thank you to all the children and their Parents who made mini gardens at home, they were wonderful!

Well Done - 9th September 2011


Well done to all the children in Foundation Class for completing their first week! And well done to the big Year 1 children in Foundation Class too, who have shown how grown up and hard working they now are!
All children created some lovely self portraits this week, which will be put on display in our classroom. They have listened to stories, sung number songs and tried writing numbers too!
Next week children need to come to school with their green fingers on! We will be taking part in the whole school Science week by making and creating items for our new outdoor area.

We will also start learning our phonics. Some children know some sounds already and I would like to ask Parents to take a few minutes to look at the phonics web link at the bottom of our Foundation Class main page. This will help when supporting your child to say the sounds correctly at home, as well as ensuring we do not send any confusing messages to the children. 

For PSRN we will be focusing on number and counting accurately. 

One last well done... to all the children who were brave enough to go into the big playground before school started! I hope you will all feel brave to do this next week too! 

First Day - 5th September 2011


The children (and adults!) have all survived the first day back in Foundation Class! Everyone has tried very hard today to get to know each other and the environment. Both the indoor and outdoor learning environment have changed a lot over the holiday. 

Today we have looked at the different parts of the school and seen any brothers or sisters we have! We wrote some numbers and drew pictures or wrote about what we did in the summer holiday. Some of us shared photographs and books about our holiday, everyone enjoyed looking at them!  Lunch time was very popular, especially with those who had a Hot School Meal, there were lots of spaghetti faces!

Tomorrow is Tuesday and we will have P.E in the afternoon, please make sure you have brought your P.E kit into school and it is hanging on your coat peg 

Well done! I will see you all tomorrow!