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Welcome to Foundation Class!


This year fifteen children, Miss Wenninger and Mrs Pellat make up Gipsey Bridge Foundation Class and we invite you to share with us what we are doing and learning through our section of the school website!

Who is Miss Wenninger? 
Miss Wenninger completed her NVQ level 2 in Teaching Assistant support and this year will continue to study part time at college in order to complete her level 3. Congratulations Miss Wenninger on successfully completing your level 2 and good luck this year whilst working on level 3!

Who is Mrs Pellat?
Mrs Pellat is working with our Foundation Stage class during Term 6. She is an experienced teacher who has worked in lots of schools and she will be supporting our children until September when Miss Munden our new Foundation Teacher arrives.

About Foundation Class.

The Government recently reviewed the Early Years curriculum and as a result we will be following the 'Reformed EYFS' this academic year. The Reformed EYFS consists of three prime areas of learning and four specific areas of learning, as listed below.

Prime Areas -
*Physical Development
*Communication and Language
*Personal, Social and Emotional Development

Specific Areas -
*Understanding the world
*Expressive arts and design.

We will plan activities for the children to take part in which relate to the above areas of learning, developing their knowledge, understanding and skills.
Foundation is set up so the children can access the resources both within the indoor and outdoor learning environments, to support us at tidy time and so we know where items are stored the indoor environment in 'zoned.' For example we have a 'Maths Area' and a 'Construction Area'. This supports children when making decisions and reinforcing learning during their child initiated time (time where the children play) and adult directed time (a task set by the teacher for the children to decide how to complete independently).
Why do the children have time to play?
It is important to remember the ways children have been learning in previous settings and at the start of the year the children are familiar with this 'set up.' Children learn many things while playing, especially regarding social skills and language skills. To the 'untrained eye (!)' other learning can be more difficult to see while children play, but when the children are provided with the right resources and adult questions they can learn most of our curriculum through play.
It is through their play the children demonstrate their ability and understanding of what they have learnt, the adults with Foundation observe what the children say and do carefully. The notes are placed into a special book called the 'Learning Journey.' This is similar to those provided from most Nurseries and Pre-schools. We can use our observations to plan the next steps for your children.

Even more about Foundation!
We love our outdoor learning and using our outdoor area! So make sure if you are joining us either as an adult or a child you have suitable clothing and shoes at all times.
We work and play hard in Foundation Class, but I hope we also have a lot of fun and excitement along the way!

Quotes for thought!

"Play gives children joy, freedom, contentment and peace with the world" Friedrich Froebel.

"In play a child is always above his average age, above his daily behaviour: in play it is as though he is a head taller than himself" Lev Vygotsky

"Young children relish a small intimate space where they can settle with their friends - to play, to chat or just to watch the world go by" Jennie Lindon

"Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire" William Butler Yeats

"The purpose of teaching is to bring out of the child rather than to put more and more into them... To have discovered a quarter of the answer to his question by his own effort is of more value to the child than to hear it all, half-understood, from another" Friedrich Froebel
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Let's Fly Away - 2nd July 2013


In Foundation Class this term we have been learning all about holidays and aeroplanes. We have talked about what we would need to take with us on holiday and what we would need to keep us safe - clothes, sun cream, hats, etc. This should mean that if you are planning on going away anywhere during the summer holidays your child may be able to help with all the packing as the should be able to tell you what you need. The children have had the chance to be able make their own aeroplanes in lots of different ways, including using paper and salt dough.

The children have also had the chance to spend some time with Miss Dromey and get to know what it will be like to be a Year 1 child in Class 1 while the new Reception children have been getting to know what it is like in Reception. They will be able to have two full weeks with Miss Dromey, starting from next week, where they will spend all their time and get to really experience what school life will really be like when they return after the summer holidays.

We are nearly at the end of the children's first year at school and I would just like to say well done to you all for all the hard work you have done this year. Keep it up!

Miss Wenninger 

The End of Claws, Growls and Bugs - 15th May 2013

Foundation children would like to invite you to join them in Foundation Class after Celebration Assembly on Friday 17th May. This is an informal session, where you can take a few minutes to look at some of the children's learning from this topic. Mrs Pellatt will also be in class, so you can use this informal time to meet her, in preparation for next term. Please do not worry if you can not make it, you can always look at the display at the end of the day when you collect your child! Mrs Pellatt is also around at the end of the day if you wish to introduce yourself.

We look forward to seeing you on Friday!

Term Six and Whole School Project - 15th May 2013


You may have noticed a new face within Foundation, this lady is Mrs Pellatt, who will be taking over Foundation Class during term six. Mrs Pellat will be in school until the end of term five now, working with me in order to help create a smooth transition when I leave.
Mrs Pellatt is currently busy getting to know all the children, routines and systems so she will be ready to take over at the start of term six. She is planning the whole school project next week and will be implementing it next week with the children, as this will be a good week for her to really build relationships with the children, while I am still available for her to ask questions and find things out from! I know she has some exciting things planned.

I hope you will introduce yourselves and 'chat' with Mrs Pellatt at the end of the school days for the remainder of this week to help you all get to know each other too!

Thank you for your support during this time, it is much appreciated.
Miss Cook

End of Term 4 - Mean Machines - 15th April 2013


At the end of term 4, Foundation Class put on a short performance to Class One. The children decided what learning they wanted to show Class One and the order. Mrs Smart filmed us and we were hoping to put it on the school video channel. Unfortunately it is not 'up and running' at the moment, so we will load it as soon as possible.

Well done Foundation Class, I know Miss Dromey, Mrs Smart and the Class One children were very impressed! An excellent end to the term!

Welcome Back for Term 5 - 15th April 2013


Welcome back, we hope you had a fabulous Easter holiday and spent some time playing hard and relaxing! Now we return to school and in the final part of the year, we all need to continue to work hard!

Soon you will receive a newsletter outlining the topic for the first part of the Summer Term. This term our topic is 'Claws, Growls and Bugs!'
In week one we will focus on Animals at night, the following week we will learn about animals which live in jungles and the third week will look at 'Bugs.' In week four it will be Dinosaurs and then finish with animals on safari.

This term I have introduced a 'floor book' which will record our learning as we go along. The topic was introduced using a 'thinking and talking bag' which contains items related to our topic. The children guess what the topic might be and then proceed to share with the group what they know about the items. I record what the children say and these thoughts are added to the floor book as a record of our discussion. At the end of the topic, the thinking and talking bag will be shown to the group again and another discussion will take place about what their knowledge and understanding are.

We have planned our role play for indoors, the children decided upon an animal hospital, so we are currently gathering props! Outdoors we have an Explorers back pack, similar to the one we had for our 'Polar tent' for role play earlier in the year. This time the props inside match our current topic and I think the children are enthused by it's return!

Literacy will focus on writing this term: letter formation, finger spaces between words, capital letters and full stops. While Mathematics will focus upon calculating, by counting on or back.

During week six of this term, we will once again take part in a whole school topic week, which will be called 'Our World.' Look out for more information on this nearer the time!

Phew! It is going to be a very busy term again! I hope everyone has come back ready to go!

Term 4 - 25th February 2013 


We move into a short term before Easter, so must work extra hard!

With our new topic 'Mean Machines' we have already begun our learning eagerly. Over the next few weeks we will look at what machines are, what they do and compare old and new machines. We will focus on 'Machines on the farm', 'Machines that help us travel,' 'Machines on the building site' and 'Machines at home and in the garden.' The final three days of this term will then focus mainly on Easter, looking at the story and meaning of Easter for Christians.

Children have already told me they have toy machines such as combine harvesters and diggers at home that they would like to bring in to school to talk about. I will look forward to seeing some of these! I have told the children they must ask their Parents and that items are not too expensive or precious.

In Literacy we will be looking at labels and instructions, while Mathematics will involve some simple tally traffic surveys later in the term. This is always a favourite in Maths as we sit on the playground observing and recording the traffic going by! We have to listen, watch and record carefully!

In Week Four we plan to perform a short 'show' to the children in Class One in order to tell them what we have learnt from our Mean Machines topic.

We are going to be even more busy than usual Foundation! Come ready and willing!

Snow Day - 21st January 2013 


Last night I removed the last few traces of snow from my car, this morning there was at least three inches covering it again! Happy snow day everyone!
I hope lots of you get to play out in the snow, make snow angels and snow statues! Please take photographs and record what you have done today, then we can share it once we return to school! I will look forward to hearing (and seeing) all you have done!
Miss Cook

Foundation and Class 1 need your help - 14th January 2013

Foundation and Class One currently both enjoy cooking on a Monday afternoon with Parent Volunteers. However, we need more Parents to join in! Cooking is organised by a rota, which can be flexible to help suit you. The Parent Volunteers are very friendly and approachable, so if you feel you would like to support school in this way, please see Miss Cook (Foundation Teacher) or Miss Warren (Parent Volunteer and PTFA).

Thank you!

Term 3 - 13th January 2013


Welcome back and Happy New Year! We hope everyone enjoyed Christmas, the children came back with a lot to share with us!

As we wave good bye to the Christmas holiday 'Enchanted Lands' are our destination for learning during Term Three!
We will look at:
* 'Hocus Pocus' - looking at magic, spells and potions
* 'Gingerbread Man' - traditional tales
* 'Sail the Seas' - pirates
* 'Fire, Swords and Armour' - dragons and knights
* 'Help! Help!' - superheroes

A whole school topic during the final week for 'Our Country' will link with our current topic, focussing on Nottingham, Sherwood Forest and Robin Hood.


Learning Journey and Interim Report - 17th December 2012


Today your child has brought home their learning journey book, along with their report. Please look a few pages ahead in the book, as we have left some blank pages to update them during the holiday. As we need to update in the holiday, we request that the books are returned to school by Friday, so this is possible.

Thank you! Enjoy spending a few minutes sharing them with your child and enjoy the Christmas holiday!

Term 2 and Exciting Times are close by - 5th November 2012


We have now started one of the most exciting terms in the school calendar! Prepare for some very tired but excited children!

This term we will focus our learning around the topic 'Let's Celebrate!' The newsletter (which will be sent home on Thursday) outlines which aspects we will be looking at each week.

We have exciting events such as our Nativity rehearsals and performances, where we work very closely with Class One. We will be learning the songs from next week, so listen out for your child humming or singing... you may just catch a sneak preview!!
Towards the end of the term we will be creating lots of Christmas related crafts and activities, then in the final week we will join with Class One again for our Christmas party!

Please watch this web page for more information regarding the events this term and remember to check your child's book bag regularly for notes and letters! Miss them, miss out!

Thank you for all your support over the first term, I look forward to working with you all during this exciting and busy term!

One persons rubbish is another persons treasure - 6th October 2012


Can you help??!

We are on the look out for anyone who has the following items which they no longer need:
*a set of tea/coffee/sugar canisters - either wooden or metal, in good condition
*a small wooden coffee table or a table from a 'nest of tables'
*pairs of children's Wellingtons which are in good condition, but have been 'out grown!'

All these items will be used in our outdoor area, the household items are required to help furnish our lovely new role play house.

If you are able to help with any of these items please see Miss Cook or Miss Wenninger in Foundation Class.


What have foundation class been up to in the first few weeks of term - 27th September 2012


We have all been extremely busy!

The children have continued to learn about the the routines, rules and expectations of class and school life.

We have watched video clips for each number to 10, looked at forming numbers and are now looking at 'more' and 'less.' Have you spotted our number display in the school hall yet?!

This week we started to learn our letter sounds (phonics) which is important because it supports us when we begin to read and write! Please see the archive section for Foundation class for a link to a website 'Mr Thorne Does Phonics' which shows you how to say the sounds correctly. Look out for the 'Phonics Book' in book bags tomorrow!

Also this week we have painted with our fingers: swirls, zig zags and wavy, curvy lines for art. We used our hands to print with for our display and a special surprise at Christmas!

Everyone is trying so hard, well done Foundation Class!

Term 1 - 15th September 2012


During our first term the children will be building relationships and friendships with each other and the adults working with them. They will be learning new school routines and getting used to the school day, as there are many experiences which they have not taken part in while in Nurseries or Pre-schools. Collective Worship is one of these routines and requires children to sit and listen for a considerable amount of time for their age. Children have learnt how we line up, lunch time, play time and home time routines and rules.

Everyone will be learning the rules for our indoor and outdoor learning environments, what resources we have, how to use them correctly and where they belong.

Our topic this term will focus around 'Ourselves and the people who help us.' The role play area has been set as a Doctor's Surgery and the children watched video clips of people visiting a surgery in order to help them use their imagination while pretending to be a Doctor or Nurse. We constructed 'pretend friends' outdoor using a variety of materials including balls, crates and canes! Children have also been busy drawing pictures of themselves, trying to include as much detail as they can.

Literacy has focused on listening, speaking and attention skills so far, however soon we will begin to learn letters and the sounds which match them.

Mathematics has and will continue to focus on Number. Children have watched Number Time clips, which demonstrate number formation and recognition. The children then have opportunities to use chalk, the interactive whiteboard, sand, 'magic potion' and large sheets of paper to try writing their own numbers correctly.

The children have also learnt our routine for changing for PE sessions, have used bikes and bucket stilts.

Phew! Over the eight days we have been in Foundation Class the children have coped with learning lots of new things!

Everyone is doing so well! 

Meet the Teacher - 15th September 2012


Please note that Foundation Class will not be holding a 'Meet the Teacher' session after school on Wednesday. This is due to the New intake meeting held before the transition afternoons held in the summer term. Also Parent's should have either recieved a letter stating their individual times and dates to meet with Miss Cook, or already had their appointment with her.

The First Day at School - 5th September 2012


I was very impressed with how everyone came into school and the classroom this morning! I hope everyone is as eager tomorrow morning when they realise they have to come EVERYDAY!

Today we visited Miss Burley and introduced ourselves to her. We also saw some brothers and sisters! We crept though Key Stage Two, so as not to disturb them and visited the kitchen. We are very lucky at this school as we have two or three regular volunteers who take two children from Foundation Class and four from Class One to cook each week. All the children try what has been made, sometimes in school and sometimes they are able to take it home. The children really look forward to their turn, although it can take a while to reach 'their go', as Miss Burley and I arrange a rota. Please let us know about any allergies or dietry requirements your child may have so we are aware, particularly for cooking sessions.

I wonder what we might be doing tomorrow?!!