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'Evolution: A Journey Through Time' - Spring 2015

We have made a super start on our new topic! We've been researching Charles Darwin's life in preparation for writing biographies in Week 3, sketching fossils using a range of pencils and techniques and we've also discussed the evolution of different animals that are now extinct. Please keep checking this page to see the latest photographs of our learning as the term progresses.
Term 4
We've moved on to look at the evolution of technology since half term, so during the school holidays, the children made models to show one aspect of technology or day to day life over the past 100 years. Some of the areas the children looked at were radios, televisions, washing machines, mobile phones, laptops and fashion.

On Wednesday 11th March, Class 3 held a history afternoon. We wrote letters to members of the Gipsey Bridge community and our family members, telling them what we have been learning about and inviting them into school to share their experiences with us. We had a great afternoon, learning lots of interesting facts to develop our knowledge of times gone by.

Thank you very much to everybody who came in - it really was a pleasure to hear your stories and share your memories.

Well done Class 3 - your manners were wonderful. You've done yourselves proud! frown

See what our visitors had to say by clicking the link below!

Sharing our learning with Reception

Sharing our learning with Reception 1
Sharing our learning with Reception 2
Sharing our learning with Reception 3
Sharing our learning with Reception 4
Sharing our learning with Reception 5
Sharing our learning with Reception 6
As Reception have been learning about how tractors have changed over time, we took some of the items from our classroom to share our knowledge of how they have changed over time too! A super example of the great relationships we have across our school!

As their WOW event, Reception were visited by three tractors! The tractors showed how farming machinery has changed over the years, including a horse-pulled plough all the way up to a modern day tractor! As this fitted beautifully with our project, Miss Munden and Miss Frankish invited us to attend the WOW event with them! We got to sit in the tractors and learn about how farming was different 100 years ago! Did you know that a farmer could cover an acre a day walking with his horse-drawn plough? That's the same as walking 26 miles, carrying the plough!

Thank you Reception for letting us share your interesing event - you were able to label the different parts of the tractor very accurately!

Term 3


We have been learning about how fossils are formed as part of our topic, and we've also been looking at them in more detail in our art lessons. Here you can see the children copying the pictures, using the different sketching pencils. They split the photograph and their page into four equal sections to create a viewfinder, making the overall picture easier to copy.

Thursday 29th January 2015

WOW! What a busy day we are having!

Having studied the journey Darwin made on HMS Beagle in 1831, we were set the challenge of planning our own Darwin-style journey using modern day transport! We had to plan the route, calculate transport costs and plan a healthy diet for a three week trip. We've had to work together as a team to join our maths and geography skills - there's been some amazing real-life maths happening in class 3 today!

Photos of us working, and the final plans will follow shortly!  

Watch this space!

We are currently busy making animation films to tell the story of one of the days of our journey around the world. They'll be posted on here as soon as the children have finished filming and editing!