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On this page, you will find examples of the children's work and photographs of them learning and working together. You will find more topic-related photographs within the sub-pages on the Class 3 Home Page.
Years 3, 5 and 6 worked together to identify, describe and make 3D shapes. Y3 concentrated on creating shapes with the correct number of vertices, edges and faces from Play-Doh and Y6 took on the trickier task of making nets from scratch to meet the same criteria. The outcomes were brilliant!

Being taught coding by an ICT specialist

Being taught coding by an ICT specialist 1
Being taught coding by an ICT specialist 2
Being taught coding by an ICT specialist 3
Being taught coding by an ICT specialist 4

14th January - NSPCC

Jiffy, the mischievous elf!

Jiffy, the mischievous elf! 1 Day1:Miss Walsh's green pens stuck to the ceiling!

Visiting Reception's Tiny Town!

More photographs from Tiny Town can be seen on the Foundation Stage class page, by following the link below:

Harvest Poem

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The children wrote their own poem for the Harvest Festival on Monday 19th October. Here they are planning their actions and rehearsing the intonation, rhythm and timing of their verses.

Respect Rap - 8th and 9th October

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We watched a rap about respect and wrote our own verses to perform as part of our poetry work. We will develop this by writing our own Harvest-themed performance poems next week.


15.09.15 1
15.09.15 2
In keeping with our work on instructions, we've been programming in ICT and learning the hard way that the details are vitally important there too! 
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11.09.15 - Well done Class 3! You've worked so hard that you're 14th on the UK Mathletics leaderboard!


Instructions  1
Instructions  2
Instructions  3
Instructions  4
Instructions  5
Instructions  6
Instructions  7
Instructions  8
Instructions  9
Instructions  10
Instructions  11
Instructions  12
11.09.15 - Year 5 tested the instructions that they wrote for the obstacle race earlier in the week. They found that although they had used the features of instructions such as time connectives and chronological order, they needed a lot more detail so that they knew exactly how to tackle each obstacle!

Year Four and Five visit William Lovell