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A very warm 'Olympic' welcome from Class 3!

Living, Learning and Growing Together.

"You can teach a student a lesson for a day; but if you can teach him to learn by creating curiosity, he will continue the learning process as long as he lives" 

Years 5 and 6 make up Class 3, there are 22 of us this year and as the top of the school we have the task of being House Captains and Monitors, Playground Leaders and Road Safety Officers as well as School Council Officers and Librarians - we must be some of the busiest,most responsible and proudest children in the school!!! 

Our theme this Summer Term is based around Ancient Greece. Our first term gives us the opportunity to find out about life in the Classical Greek period as well as explore some of the wonderful myths and legends created in their era. After half term we will be looking at their sporting legacies leading nicely up to our own Olympic Games!

Our action-packed half term takes us through Year 6 SATS (week of May 14) followed immediately by our residential visit to Norfolk. On our return from Hilltop we have to prepare for some exciting Diamond Jubilee celebrations. 
No time to draw breath this summer in Class 3!!!

We have already started getting to grips with our 'CHALLENGE GB'. The children have come back to the summer term with wonderful, positive attitudes to their learning, you will not find a more motivated set of children in Lincolnshire - when you see a member of our class make sure you ask them about their learning!

 Our Class will no longer be swimming on a Tuesday this term, as we make way for our younger members of the school, however we do still have P.E. every Monday and Friday so make sure you have the right clothes and equipment in school!

We have a further variety of exciting after-school clubs to join this term, look out for Drama, The Hoot (School Newspaper), Rounders,'Make-it, Football, French and Multi-Sports. 

Class 3 can be seen taking a full and active part in all but those limited to KS1 - they are really making the most of their time at Gipsey Bridge, well done to all!

After such a fantastic, action-packed year so far our Class Web Page became rather full of our activities. Look below at the link to the document that reminds you of Science Week, Dahlicious Day, Harvest Festival, Victorian Experiences and more. 
I look forward to adding news of our activities through this term.

The half termly Curriculum Letters have been sent home to give parents and carers a brief summary of the aspects we are investigating and learning about this term. A copy is attached below in case it has gone astray on it's journey home! Please come in and ask about anything you need further information about.  


Remember to practice your multiplication for the Olympic Times Table Challenge now taking place across Key Stage 2. We are all 'Going for Gold', when will you achieve your first GOLD medal?

We have seen some great blogs on the website from members of Class 3 - keep on adding your fantastic comments. Mr Booth wants to know all about the exciting activities you take part in both inside and outside school. Now you can also add blogs to our School Council, Librarians and Playground Leaders, go on - I am sure there is lots you can say or ask! Remember there are lots of House Points available for brilliant bloggers.


Well done to you all for your fantastic 500 word stories you entered into the Radio 2 writing competition, they were all very different and showed a huge range of originality - let's hope the judges think so too.

Please encourage all your friends and family to share in these stories as well as a selection of your poems and descriptions that are now in the Class 3 anthology of your writing. 

We had a great World Book Day and everyone shared a wide selection of new authors and titles. With the additional books everyone went home with from the 'Books for Books' event I think Class 3 will be 'Reading Wizards' before long!

We had a fantastic, creative  week where we turned into 'IMAGINEERS'
Working with Miss Cook's Class, we discussed some vehicle designs and models they had created for Science Week themselves. Using their ideas as a starting point, we designed the perfect vehicles for a truly Global Adventure. We planned our trip around the world and made sure our vehicles could cover all-terrains they would face as well as being fit for the 21st Century - fuelled by renewable energy! 
Our final designs were displayed in our Science Gallery for our parents and friends to see - we were so proud of our creations and hope that Miss Cook's Class can recognise their original ideas in our vehicles.We hope you enjoy looking at the pictures below.

We had a fabulous day at Snipe Dales, the sun shone and the birds sang, literally!!
We walked along the valley of the River Lymn and investigated the soil types, how the river changed through the valley, finally exploring and drawing a meander lower down the course of the river. We waded, measured, timed, caught creatures and identified them, sketched and walked (and walked!). We learnt lots about the river, the landscape and how rivers change. Thank you to Ashley from Frieston Centre who gave us a valuable learning experience.Look at our photo stories and power point presentations below to get a flavour of what we did in the Dales.

Look at the websites below - there are some excellent links to help you find out more about our main topics. 
Who will be the class expert? I wonder.......

Do you have any other ideas for this page? Why not let Mrs Needham know! 

Have you seen the Kids' Zone? Play games, and visit some cool websites. You can vote for your favourites! 


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