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Class 2

Welcome to Class 2!  

Hello from Mrs Ward and the children of Class 2. 

Class 2 has Year 3 and Year 4 children 
There are twenty seven of us.  We are aged seven, eight and nine. 

We have the school pets in our class - Gary the African Land Snail, and three goldfish.  Gary loves eating fruit, please bring him some food in to keep him happy.   Perhaps he could go home with you in the holiday for a short visit, or even for the weekend. 

We also look after the KS2 vegetable garden, last year we grew cabbages, carrots, lettuce, radish, courgettes, beans, spinach, tomatoes and even some chilli peppers and a cucumber.   Any donations of plants and seeds are welcome, we will be planting our garden after the Easter holidays. 

Our school council representatives this year are Holly and Jack. 
Do you have any good ideas to give them?  Collective worship representatives are Cameron and Nicole.

This term we have the exciting GB Olympic Challenge - how can we work together to improve our learning?   We have individual targets to meet using our key skills of Resiliance, Resourcefulness, Risk-taking, Reflection and Relationships and will be trying hard to show the Olympic values too - Excellence, Friendship, Determination, Equality, Respect, Inspiration and Courage.
Our work will be based around Growing Plants, the Diamond Jubilee (looking back at the world and how it has changed during the last fifty years) and the Olympics.  


What have we done so far this year...

Science Week 
- we measured shadows, observed how they changed during the day, and talked about why this happened.
- we investigated potions and predicted why different solutions changed colour or fizzed when we added solids.
- we painted stones for the school Pebble Project and mixed colours to make new ones. 
We worked on our topic projects about Light, Sound and Colour at home and at school.

- we looked at instruction writing and wrote our own instructions for making marvellous medicine like George made his Grandma.
- we talked about imaginary settings and made-up worlds and wrote our own stories using our great ideas.
We have used poems as frameworks to make up our own about Bonfire Night, and to write alternative versions of carols.
We have written puppet plays about good and evil characters.
We performed our KS2 play "Mrs Humbug sees the light", based on Dickens' Victorian story 'The Christmas Carol'.

-we have been improving our counting and calculating skills.
- we remembered how to estimate and check our answers.
- we collected data about healthy tuck.
- we have found out about 3D shapes and made nets for our torches.

- we found out about the harvest of trees and what trees give us.
- we acted out a drama about an impatient farmer.
- we talked about harvest celebrations and why it is important to share the good things we have. 

- we found out about Diwali and Hindu worship from 
our special visitor.
- we made clay Diwa lamps.
- we found out about Hannukah lights.
- we watched a puppet version of the Christmas story. 

Class Visit
We went to Freiston Environmental Centre and learnt about sustainability.  We found out about the eight doorways to sustainable living and made model wind turbines.  We made up our own sustainability posters and poems.  

KS2 Play 
We performed our Christmas Carol based play just before Christmas, showing how Mrs Humbug saw the light and changed from being a mean headteacher to one who really enjoyed Christmas.   Luckily, our teachers and PTFA helped us enjoy Christmas too with an amazing Christmas party day which included lots of mad science fun and Father Christmas. 

## In January and February...
We have started our Roman and Rocks topics.  In Literacy we are have looked at information texts and made a Roman information book; we have written stories set in Roman times.  We have been talking about compound words and plurals; we are also trying to increase our use of interesting vocabulary.   In Maths we have been improving our mental maths skills, multiplying by 10, 100 and 1000 and using partitioning to help us add and subtract quickly; we are practising using compass points and describing angles.   We have been having fun in making music to describe a journey.  

February and March...
We have enjoyed supporting Marie Curie and wearing yellow on daffodil day - our pots of daffodils grew well.   We are finding out about Roman myths and hoping to write our own; we will be trying to use lots of different connectives when we do.   In Maths we have been practising telling the time using digital and analogue clocks and solving time problems.  We have been improving our calculating skills.   In Science we are looking at different types of soils, and in History we we had a fantastic day dressed as Romans and meeting Marcellus the Roman soldier.

Have you seen the Kids' Zone? Play games, and visit some cool websites. You can vote for your favourites! 


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