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Class 2 has already made a great start to the year; we have been busy making new friends and readjusting to being back at school!

There are 26 of us in class 2, and we are in years 3 and 4. We work with Miss Walsh, Mrs. Czornookyj and Mr. Booth. 

This term we will be learning about Ancient Egypt. We will be thinking about the landscape and lifestyle of the ancient Egyptians as well as learning more about the mummies and pharaohs. The children already have lots of questions about this topic so it should be both interesting and enjoyable! Please keep checking our page for photographs of our activities and examples of our work!

Monday 17th September 2012
In groups, we have been using salt dough to make our very own Egyptian sphynx. We tried our hardest not to get any on our clothes, but for those of us who went home with white patches on our trousers (including Miss Walsh!), the mixture is only salt, flour and water so it should come out in the wash! Photographs of our afternoon will appear on this page shortly.

Thursday 25th October 2012
Well done for a successful 'Our County' week! You have produced some wonderful work and should be proud of yourselves! Have you told your families all about the people and places you have been learning about? The displays in the hall looked lovely and we had lots of compliments about your stories, structures, drawings and art work! Thank you to the parents and families who came to look at our work; we had lots of fun creating it this week and were very happy to be able to share it with you. 

We have made a great start to the year and have had a long, but enjoyable first half term together. Well done for your hard work. Enjoy your break and see you all on Monday 5th November!

Tuesday 13th November 2012
Today we became Egyptian mummies! We wrote instructions for creating a mummy and used the iPads to film ourselves. We watched the films as a class afterwards and talked about the really good features and the parts that we could improve on. 

Friday 18th January 2013
We have made an excellent start to our new topic of 'Boston Then and Now', and are busy planning the Boston Stump and Maud Foster Windmill models ready for our exhibition towards the end of the half term. The children are eager to learn more, and have started to research their relevant buildings for this week's homework. 

We are incorporating this topic into as many areas of our learning as we can, including literacy and maths. In literacy we are moving on to learn about information texts, and in maths we are measuring, so we will be able think about how to make our models to scale and in proportion. 

This will be a very busy, but very enjoyable term, with 'Our Country' week in the final week. As a head start, can anybody remember the names of the four countries in the United Kingdom? Miss Walsh may ask you when you are least expecting it!

Keep up the hard work Class 2. If your DT skills are as impressive as your enthusiasm, these models are going to be fantastic! Watch this space for updates of our work and progress!

Tuesday 5th February 2013
Our projects are really starting to take shape now! We really hope you can visit us on Friday after school to see the finished products. If not, there will be photographs on the website so that everybody can share our hard work. 

Friday 8th February 2013
Thank you to everybody who came to look at our exhibition. It was so nice to see so many families enjoying the children's hard work and reading their booklets. Below are some photographs showing the whole project from the planning stages to the final products.

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6

Thursday 7th March 2013 - World Book Day
We have had a lovely day today, reading lots of different books and sharing our favourite parts of them with other children. We have dressed up as our favourite characters from books and had our photographs taken reading in some very unusual places!

Monday 25th March 2013
As we have been learning about symbols in religion recently, we ate some delicious hot cross buns today to think about why Christians eat these at Easter time and how they represent their beliefs.

Friday 26th April 2013
We have made a brilliant start to our new topic 'Me and My Body'. We have started working on our books on the iPads, and are busy learning about the senses and our teeth. At the beginning of this week we smelt onions, felt the difference between bread and eggs and tasted fruity squash (all blind-folded!) to think about how our senses let us know what's happning around us.

We are now in the middle of a science investigation where we are looking at the different effects on our teeth by different drinks. We are testing milk, orange juice, coca-cola and water. Scroll down to see photographs of our action-packed week!

Wednesday 8th May 2013
Today we have been busy making bones from salt dough! We have labelled them and now know the names of the bones in our arms and legs. Scroll down to the gallery for photographs of our afternoon.

Monday 3rd June 2013
We had a real treat this afternoon! We were visited by Medrock Training, and shown how to put each other into the recovery position, how to administer CPR and how to apply bandages and slings. There are photographs in the gallery below. The children were asked to put a family member into the recovery position at home and bring a photograph into school if possible!

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Monday 17th June 2013
What a busy day we have had in Class 2! As well as making an excellent start to our SATs week, we have created some brilliant animation films on the iPads to demonstrate our understanding of circulation. These have been added to the school's Vimeo page so please take a look! The video channel link is at the bottom of this page. 

Friday 28th June 2013
Thank you to all of the families who came into look the projects this afternoon. I hope you enjoyed looking through the children's work. I am really proud of what they have achieved; the hard work has certainly paid off for them! 
Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Friday 5th July 2013
Today we have been making music with different parts of our bodies and we also learnt 'Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes' in French. The children's homework was to teach this to somebody at home!
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