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Class 1

Welcome to Class 1!

I am Miss Burley, Class 1's teacher,
May I take this opportunity to say a warm welcome and thank you for taking an interest in all the fun learning we do in Class 1. Class 1 is a mixed class of Year 1 and Year 2 children. 

What happens in Class 1?
Lots and lots and lots. Our lessons involve similar learning opportunities to those in Foundation Stage, such as using role play, building with Lego and using the outdoor area. We also work to a very busy time-table practising and working through the phases from 'Letters and Sounds', reading, writing, problem solving, working with numbers, shape & space as well as R.E, SEAL, P.E, ICT, Art, and Topic work which include the subjects, Science, History and Geography... not too much to fit in during a week! 

In addition to the taught curriculum within the classroom, the children from Class 1 also have the opportunity to cook during a Wednesday afternoon  with two (of the three) very kind parent helpers making and following a range of delicious recipes using lots of skills from cutting, chopping, rolling, mixing, stirring and much more. An activity lots and lots of the children like to do! 

What is the topic this term I hear you ask...
The topic this term shall mainly focus on 'Light and Sound' as well as finding out about the children's favourite things; so that I can get to know all of the new Year 1 pupils much more. 

Furthermore, the children will participate in the whole school Science Week which will be lots of fun focusing on our class outdoor environment.

I hope you found the 'Class 1 and Term 1 Newsletter' helpful giving a small insight as to what the children will possibly do throughout this term.... I say possibly as some activities may unfortunately not be fulfilled due to unforeseeable changes that may occur during the term.
We need your help.......
To help get the outdoor area completed we (Foundation Stage and KS1) require many small objects such as wooden pots, wooden spoons, carpet tiles, plastic tubing, shells, pebbles etc. A comprehensive list of objects was sent home with all pupils in the FS and KS1 at the end of the Summer term. Unfortunately only 3 people have responded and have brought something in to help complement the existing resources we have. 
If you are able to donate something please see either myself or Miss Cook and we will find a wonderful home for whatever you can give... you may even receive a huge sticker and smile from us both. 

Miss Burley

Do you have any ideas for this page? Why not let your teacher know! 

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