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The Little Red Hen has arrived!

This week we have been writing to the Little Red Hen. Yesterday we found that she has moved in to our Courtyard. She will be showing us how to make bread, just like she did in her story. Can you spot her in this picture?

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September 2013

Welcome back everyone! I'm so excited for our first term. We have a very exciting few weeks planned. I hope you are all as excited as I am. Make sure you remember all the lovely things you did over the holiday, Mrs Smart and I can't wait to hear about them! See you tomorrow 

PS Don't forget your sun cream and ask your grown up to check your name is in your clothes.

Monday 1st July

Class 1 have had a fantastic day today! We had a treasure hunt, pirate games, mermaid making, galleon building and SO much more! Have a look at the pictures below to see more!
Picture 1
Thursday 13th June

Class 1 have been very busy for the past two weeks. We have been busy learning about different oceans. The children have worked in groups and decided which questions they wanted to research. They did this using iPads and laptops. The children have used www.prezi.com to help create their presentations. When these are ready, I'll make them available for you to see 
Picture 1
Monday 13th May

Today, Class 1 had a visit from Pets at Home. They kindly brought along some reptiles to show us. This was a lovely end to our mini topic of Darwin and the Galapagos Islands. We saw a bearded Dragon, a six month old king snake and a gecko. All animals were hand reared and used to being handled. The children were taught how to hold the animals safely. I was very impressed with the maturity of the class and how brave they were when holding these amazing creatures. Our guests said how impressed they were with our knowledge of reptiles so a big "well done" to everybody! See our pictures below. 

Friday 10th May

Over the last two weeks Class 1 have been learning about the Galapagos Islands. We have used a globe, maps, iPads and books to find out information. We discovered amazing facts about the location of the islands, animals that lived there and the environment.

Today the children have been very busy indeed! They worked as a class to design the Galapagos Islands and make them! The children then set sail in their galleon suitably named the H.M.S. Beagle just like the boat Charles Darwin sailed in. The children then visited the Galapagos Islands. Here they saw reptiles, mammals, birds, volcanoes, sea creatures and so much more! (Have a look at our pictures below) At the end of the day, the children were quite tired. We decided to make our own tents, just like Darwin, so we had shelter when we wrote a recount of our day.

Please take the time to visit our video channel (found at the bottom of the page) to see clips of our day.


Welcome back...
Yet again Class 1 have hit the ground running! We are well on our way towards our final product of the Summer term topic - Life at Sea. This term the children will be creating a treasure hunt for parents, grown ups and the other classes! Since the Easter holidays the children have been busy writing down what they would like to find out. We have built a pirate ship and learnt lots of new words and names. The children have also been building up to writing a story about pirates! We have looked at the structure of a story, retold it AND acted it out on our outdoor stage!  

Next week we will be looking closely at the Galapagos Islands and learning lots of very exciting new things! 

Easter Holidays

Wow! What a term! Well done to everybody in Class 1. You have all worked so hard and the Museum was a huge success. Parents, children, teachers, governors and visitors had a fantastic time and were blown away with the amount and quality of work.

I hope you all have a lovely holiday and recharge your batteries ready for an exciting Life at Sea next term.
Picture 1
Come to our Dinosaur Museum!

Come to Class 1's Dinosaur Museum. It has a huge dinosaur! As you walk in you will find some tour guides to show you round the museum. We will have lots of displays to show you how we have made everything in our museum. You can go inside the jungle and hear dinosaurs and the sounds they might have made. You can also go in to our moving dinosaur section. In here you can see all the different ways we can make a dinosaur model move! We have a real fossil to look at too! We spent a long time making an information book all about dinosaurs, everybody helped to make this and you can have a look at it. We will also have a competition for the grown ups to see how much you have learnt from our museum. Miss Dromey will send a letter home on Thursday 4th March to explain when you can come in. 

We hope to see you soon. 

Oliver and Jovi and the rest of Class 1.

Happy new year!
We have had a fantastic first two weeks back. We’ve certainly hit the ground running. All the children are very excited about our new dinosaur topic and working very hard towards our final goal. As I’m sure you have heard, we aim to transform Class 1 in to a dinosaur museum where the children can showcase all their hard work and skills. We have only been back a few days but the boys and girls already have plans in motion…
This term we are working hard to get a good balance between work and play. Each week the children will have 1:1 group time with myself, Mrs. Smart or Miss. Wenninger, independent work time and a ‘learning through play’ session in both numeracy and literacy. This is an opportunity for the children to work through personalised challenges which reflect on what we have been learning as a class. The children are learning the importance of photographing their own work so we can monitor their progress and see the fantastic work they have completed all by themselves.
This week we have been very busy making our dinosaur landscape display (pictures coming soon…)
Each child has helped make the display. The children discussed what they wanted and worked as a huge team to get the job done. We also had help from a few adults…
I am very excited to be Class 1’s new teacher and I have already been ‘wowed’ by the enthusiasm towards our new topic and the positive response from children and parents alike concerning the new homework books. Well done to all the children for such outstanding homework in the first week!
If you have any questions or just want to say ‘hello’ and have a look at our classroom, then please feel free to come and see me before school starts.
Miss. Dromey
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Class 1 and Foundation Class Need Your Help - 14th January 2013


Currently both classes enjoy cooking with Parent Volunteers on a Monday afternoon, but we need more Parents to join us! It is run on a rota basis, so can be reasonably flexible when required. The Parent Volunteers are very friendly and approachable, so if you feel you can support school in this way please see Miss Cook (Foundation Teacher) or Miss Warren (Parent Volunteer and PTFA). It would be a real shame to lose this great way of learning.

One Persons Rubbish is Another Persons Treasure - 6th October 2012


Can you help?

We are on the look out for the following items:
*a set of tea/coffee/sugar canisters - in good clean condition, made from either metal or wood
*a small wooden coffee table of a table from a set of 'nest' tables
*children's Wellingtons, in good condition

All of these items will be used in the outdoor area, with the first two items being used to furnish the new role play house.

If you are able to help, please see Miss Cook or Miss Wenninger from Foundation Class. Thank you!