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'Celebrate!' Autumn 2018


We also talked about Remembrance this week in our picture news session with Mrs Cockram and during assembly with Mr Alison on Thursday.

During circle time discussion on Friday we watched the CBeebies video Poppies https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b04p4zsl . We spoke about the words bravery, protection, freedom and remembering. The children made some fantastic comments about their great grandparents and asked some very grown up questions such as “Why were they fighting, because fighting isn’t nice?” and “How did the fighting stop?”.

Week 2 – Bonfire night


We loved sharing our experiences of bonfire night this week and again were so pleased to see all of the photos added from home. At the beginning of the week we watched a video of a fireworks display and came up with lots of wonderful vocabulary to describe the sounds, movements and shapes of fireworks; which we then had a go at painting, drawings and creating on the interactive white board.

This then linked beautifully with our maths as we went onto create repeating firework patterns and describing 2D shapes. We even had a go at some firework problem solving. We had to work in teams to sort the fireworks in lots of different ways. The children decided to sort the fireworks by: colour, numbers, size and shape could sort them.

We also spent a lot of time discussing safety with fireworks and sparklers – we watched Fireman Sam’s safety tips and it was great to hear that many of the children had already followed these rules at home.


Week 1 - Halloween

What a lovely first week back. The children really enjoyed sharing their half term experiences and it was wonderful to see so many photos on Tapestry from families at home.

Our first celebration this term was Halloween. We talked about different ways that people celebrate Halloween, carved a pumpkin, created pumpkin pictures, spider webs and decorated our house.

In maths, we continued to learn about and play with number and in phonics we loved writing letters in slime and reading words on pumpkins.

We also learnt lots of texture words, practised our scissor skills and joined in with repeated refrains in the story Room on the Broom.

Photos from home

Designing our classroom

Before half term the children helped to design our role play area for our new topic ‘Celebration’. We decided to make the area into a home and the children enjoyed drawing and telling us all about their house and explaining what we would need.

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