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Autumn/Spring Term - May the force be with you

For our new project, we are learning about the Earth and Space. This will take us through to Easter and we will cover a range of geography and science skills, as well as other areas of the curriculum. Keep checking back to see what we're up to!
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Week Beginning 15.1.18


This week we have been finding out about rainforests.  We discovered that rainforests have 4 layers: Emergent, Canopy, Under Canopy and the Forest Floor.


In our writing, we looked out improving our sentences with expanded noun phrases, descriptive verbs and fronted adverbials.  We put all this learning into our work on Friday where we wrote a detailed description of a rainforest setting.

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Week Beginning 8.1.18


This week we focussed heavily on Geography.  The children wrote a comparison between Veneto, in Italy, and the East Midlands.  They used facts from their homework and further research carried out in class.


They also learnt about the 8 compass points, turning right angles both clockwise and anti-clockwise.

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Over the Christmas holidays, we were asked to make a model or draw a picture of a planet or rocket, imaginary or real.  We then wrote facts about what we had made/drawn, making them up if we were using our imaginations.

Week Beginning 11.12.17

As part of the Rights Respecting Children Award that we are focusing on, we have drawn up a Class Charter.  We began by looking at the articles (there are 42 in total) and identified the ones that could be used within the school setting.  We then worked in a group to decide which ones were more important to us in the classroom and from there we were able to choose 6, 5 being the top one from each group.  Finally, we thought about the behaviours and actions we would like to see in the class which would support the 6 articles we had chosen.


Class 3 Charter

Week Beginning 27.11.17

We made exciting Land Art pictures using natural materials we found at home and in the school grounds.