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Autumn Term - 'Tiny Town'

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Week 6 - Nativity and Winter Wonderland fun!


We have had such a busy and exciting week this week! The children have worked so hard to perform and sing in our Christmas Nativity this year and we couldn't be prouder of them. Thank you again to all of the parents for the wonderful costumes and coming to support them. We really appreciate it! 


We have also been visited by Gipsey Bridge Preschool and been to visit the children in Reception at Spilsby Primary school! Both visits were wonderful. Take a look at all of the exciting things we have been doing this week using the links below. 

Week 5 - Elf Excitement! 


Pippin, our elf, has been up to lots of mischief this week! As the children were so excited about him being part of our class we have adapted our learning to fit in with their new interest! We wrote elf names, Pippin helped us to use words related to time and we planned and made things for to look after Pippin. To do this the children used what Mrs Gatens had taught them last week about caring for babies.


We have also been working really hard with the children in class one to practice our Christmas performance Santa's on Strike. We can't wait to share it with everyone next week!


Please take a look at our STAY and PLAY session from Friday too! It was a really lovely session. Thank you to all of the grown-ups that stayed. 

Say hello to Pippin the elf! He will be in Reception now until Christmas.

Week 4 - The Jolly Postman 


This week we had an important job to do! We needed to create and deliver invitations for our Christmas play to members of the community. 


First we practised delivering parcels and letters in our post office and plastic crate post van. We then practised writing the letters we have learnt this term on the invitations and used our colour mixing skills to make beautiful pictures to go on the front. Finally we delivered our important invitations around Gipsey Bridge! What wonderful postal workers we were too!


We were also very lucky to have a visit from Mrs Gatens who taught us how to care for new born babies. We love it when grown-ups come in to school to share their skills and knowledge with us. Thank you Mrs Gatens! 



Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3 We found some mysterious footprints!
Picture 4
Picture 5 Which are longer? Which are shorter?
Picture 6 We made our own footprints too!
Picture 7
Picture 8
Picture 9 Invitation writing
Picture 10 We really are showing off our beautiful letters
Picture 11
Picture 12
Picture 13 Lots of people delivering the mail!
Picture 14
Picture 15
Picture 16
Picture 17
Picture 18 Using length words.
Picture 19 Making postal workers hats
Picture 20 drawing round our feet.
Picture 21 Which is the longest?
Picture 22 Taking turns
Picture 23 Colour mixing
Picture 24 We took our time....
Picture 25 ...and carefully painted our hats.
Picture 26 They made wonderful covers for the invitations
Picture 27 Peepo!
Picture 28 What's in the postbox today?

Week 3 - The Jolly Postman

This week we learnt all about postal workers. We started by planning what we would like in our Post office role play and reading a Non-fiction book  about the post office. We really enjoyed making our own post van out of bricks. Later in the week we read The Jolly Postman and we learnt about the differences between characters and scenery. This helped us to plan out the things that we would need to change our classroom into the Jolly Postman's world. The children shared lots of wonderful ideas and were really pleased to create some of these with their parents during our second STAY and PLAY session.  

Week 2 - Diwali

This week we learnt about Diwali. We watched a video about Jessica and her family celebrating Diwali and we talk about the things that were simular to our celebrations on Bonfire night. We enjoyed making Rangoli patterns, decorating hand shapes with Mehndi and decorating Diva lamps. At the end of the week we read the story of Rama and Sita and used masks to act it out. We also learnt how to find the total using lots of different things and enjoyed creating balances in PE.

Tiny Town Fair WOW event


Thank you to everyone who came to our Tiny Town fair! The children in Foundation Stage were so proud to welcome you all into our classroom and new outdoor. 

Have a look at what some of our parents thought about our Tiny Town Fair.

Our home work projects look fantastic! So much care has gone into these over half term!

A visit from the Mayor

The Mayor and Mayoress of Boston came to visit Tiny Town today! The Mayor told us all about his job, answered lots of our questions and officially opened our new outdoor area. He even showed us his special robes, hat, gloves and chains of office. We then presented the Mayor with a thank you card and his very own Tiny Town chains of office.  The Mayor said that he was honoured to be our Tiny Town Mayor for the day! Before the Mayor and Mayoress went home we showed them around our classroom and they joined in with the games that we had made for the fair. What a wonderful day! 

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Week 8 – Preparing for Tiny Town Fair

After a wonderful start to this week with the children performing their Autumn song at our Harvest festival we excitedly planned our Tiny Town fair.

We decided on the decorations we would need, the food we would eat and the games we would like to play. We then decorated the classroom, made tickets and invitations to send to our grownups and created our own hook a duck and hoopla with the numbers on that we have learning about during the week.

All of the children we very excited about creating a miniature fairground ride or attraction for their homework over half term and we can’t wait to see their creations.

Picture 1 Matching numbers to the correct amount of objects
Picture 2 Recgonising numbers
Picture 3 Making tickets
Picture 4 Changing the classroom
Picture 5 Hook a duck
Picture 6 Hoopla
Picture 7 Bumper car decorations
Picture 8 "Roll up! Roll up!"
Picture 9 Bumper car crafts during choosing time.
Picture 10
Picture 11 Making special certificates
Picture 12 What makes you unique?
Picture 13 Popcorn and a films for our Green Event treat!
Picture 14
Picture 15
Picture 16

Week 7 - Parties

At the end of last week the children showed a real interest in parties and birthdays, so this week our learning has all be linked to parties and birthdays.


The Mayor of Giant town wrote and asked us if we would organise a party for his wife. The children quickly decided on lots of things that we would need to make the best party and they helped Miss Frankish to create a birthday party in our role play area.


During the week we then practiced our sounds on invitations and made p, p, p party pockets in phonics, we counted birthday candles, cups, plates and presents in maths and even painted balloons at the end of the week, in Expressive Art and Design, when we learnt to make colours lighter and darker.


Finally we finished the week with a party game in class one and some shared choosing time. It was really lovely to see all of the children building good relationships together.

Picture 1 Creating textured numbers
Picture 2 Counting birthday candles
Picture 3 Wrapping presents
Picture 4 Our presents and cards
Picture 5 Making paper chains
Picture 6
Picture 7 Writing cards
Picture 8
Picture 9 Our birthday role play
Picture 10 Birthday plate sound splat!
Picture 11 "It's darker"
Picture 12 "I'm going to use the white to make it lighter"
Picture 13 We excitedly watched the cover being built.
Picture 14 The cover is now complete in our new outdoor area

Week 6 - Builders


We started this week by creating our own building site. We are really impressed with the way that all of the children  are now thinking of the things they need to create their own role play area. We then learnt about the dangers of real building sites, how builders can stay safe and how important it is for us to stay away!


In Maths we have been comparing groups and practicing our careful counting, in Expressive Art and Design we have continued to learn about textures and in Literacy we have begun to learn about the front cover of our books and ask questions about the stories.

Picture 1 Construction is underway in our new building site!
Picture 2 Building plans are being drawn up...
Picture 3 ... and notes are being taken.
Picture 4 Finding groups that are the same.
Picture 5 Collecting Autumn leaves
Picture 6
Picture 7 Making leaf hedgehogs
Picture 8
Picture 9 Experimenting with textures.
Picture 10 Talking about textures.
Picture 11 Setting up a party
Picture 12 Birthday cakes and candles
Picture 13 Birthday cakes
Picture 14
Picture 15
Picture 16

Week 5 - Mrs Lather's laundry.

We started this week by reading Mrs Lather's Laundry. The children learnt what laundry was and helped to create their own laundrette in the classroom. After learning how to wash our hands carefully and the importance of keeping clean, we also made our own bath for the babies and a car wash.


In maths we have been comparing objects and talking about how they are similar or different and as part of our Understanding the World sessions we read about Smartie the penguin and e-safety. The children retold the story and made their own Smartie the penguins to help them remember how important it is to tell a grown-up if something strange happens on the computer or if they feel worried.


We are also very excited to say that the builders have now arrived in Tiny Town and are busy working on our new outdoor area!!!

Week 4 - Bugs!

On Monday a slimy slug came to visit us with a tiny letter. It said that all of his friends would love to meet us and they invited us on a bug hunt. We found lots of mini beasts on our hunt as well as a frog.


We then invited the bugs to come to Tiny Town. We made lots of bug hotels out of sticks, straw, mud and logs so they had somewhere warm to stay. We created plates of food for the bugs and even a wormary.


We also counted spiders and flies on hula hoop webs, sang number songs about snails, played in our bug small world and danced a bug dance in PE.

Week 3 - Mrs Wobble

This week we read the Allan Ahlberg story 'Mrs Wobble the waitress'. We talked about the things we might find in a cafe and then worked together to change our role play into a cafe.


We really enjoyed this story as Mrs Wobble was very funny and dropped jelly and chicken on customer’s heads! The mayor of Giant town then wrote to us asking if we would help to find the ingredients Mrs Wobble had lost and make some new jelly for the cafe. The children used prepositional language to talk about where they found the ingredients and we used lots of wonderful language to talk about how the jelly looked, felt and changed as we added hot water. We even made our own jelly recipes, by remembering and ordering the things that we did, and enjoyed helping to eat the jelly at the end of the week.

Posting a letter to the Mayor

Week 2 - Welcome to Tiny Town


This week we started by learning more about the Mayor of Giant town. We created our own Mayor's house and office and decided that each day we would elect our own Mayor of Tiny Town. This person would then get to wear the Mayor's chains of office and do some special jobs in the classroom for a whole day. 


We also decided on the things that should be in Tiny Town, created maps, explored numbers, took part in treasure hunts and had our very first PE sessions. At the end of the week we then created the building we thought we should add to our Tiny Town map.


Week 1 - Welcome to Tiny Town in Foundation stage


For the first few weeks our main focus is making sure that all of the children settle quickly and are happy and safe in school.


We have had a lovely first day at school today exploring the classroom, singing songs, painting our hands and playing games together. We even had a letter from the Mayor of Giant town who helped us to understand some rules that will help us to stay happy and safe.

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