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Autumn Term - The Little Kingdom

Picture 1
Picture 1

Week 3 – Ladybirds

‘What the ladybird heard’ has been an awesome book to start our ladybird week. The children have loved being police officers, have searched high and low for clues, discovered footprints, handprints and eventually found Lanky Len and Hefty Hugh.

Throughout the week we have also been colour mixing and learning colour names, we learnt about the ladybird lifecycle, we have practiced listening for the initial sounds in words while playing pass the basket and we have started to learn another dance for our ‘Bug Ball’ at the end of term.

Finally take a look at our incredible caterpillars who have now created cocoons.

Week 2 – Butterflies

We have really got to grips with the butterfly life cycle this week by acting it out and making life cycle plates. We have also loved exploring colours using butterflies, we worked as teams to chalk huge butterflies on the floor outside, we had an awesome adventure in PE with JB the dog, we have made shape pictures, leaf necklaces and much, much more. All while keeping a very eye on our own tiny caterpillar’s development. What a difference one week makes!

Week 1 - Caterpillars


What a wonderful first week! Welcome to all of the new Reception children and parents.

We started the week by reading “The Very Hungry Caterpillar”. They children love this story and eagerly hunted for wild caterpillars in the cabbage leaves. We have also tried hungry caterpillar food, done a hungry caterpillar dance, planted some lettuce, started our bug number hunt and enjoyed lots of other mini-beast activities too.

Not only was this the children’s first week at school but there were also some other, even smaller, new starters in Reception. Our baby caterpillars arrived on Tuesday and as the week has gone on they have already grown a lot; take a look.