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Autumn Term - The Little Kingdom

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Flying to Lapland

Week 7 - Christmas in Reception

Week 6 – Christmas for baby Smurf

With Christmas play practise in full swing and lots of festive enhanced provision outside and in our classroom the children are getting very excited for Christmas now.

On Thursday we had an incredible visit to Spilsby Primary Academy to make new friends and enjoy their wonderful winter wonderland. We are very proud of the children’s behaviour and relationships throughout the day. We look forward to inviting our new friends to join us at Gipsey Bridge in the new year.

In maths this week we learnt about weight. We used the language heavy and light to compare objects, we ordered objects by their weight and began to explore weighing scales.

In phonics we learnt digraphs and started writing elf names.

Week 5 – Winter in Smurf village

Winter has definitely arrived in Reception this week! The children helped to decorate Smurf village, learnt about hibernating animals and began some wonderful role play in our new hot chocolate shop.

In maths we have been finding one more. We have done this with objects, pictures and by drawing our representations through Smurf stories. It has been so wonderful to see how much the children have learnt, the numbers they now recognise, their careful counting and their understanding of number.

During circle time we began to learn about our brains. We learnt about all the wonderful things our brains can do. he children were fascinated and asked lots of questions. I can’t wait for us learn more about our brains and how we can help them to grow!

Week 4 – Baker Smurf

This week we have continued to learn about the Smurfs. As Baker Smurf was the children’s favourite last week we decided to ring him and ask for a special challenge. On Monday our first challenge was to explore the tools that Baker Smurf has in his kitchen and try to figure out how they work. We discovered that some tools work by using our hands and arms, some have mechanical parts, some have batteries and some need electric.

Baker Smurf was so impressed that he set us a challenge to make Smurf Smoothie. We loved the Smoothie challenge even more!!! The children recapped how each tool worked, they learnt how to use them safely and had to use their careful counting skills to put the right amount of fruit into the blender. We witnessed some amazing team work, risk taking and resilience throughout each group.

In maths, Jokey Smurf gave us a recipe for Smurf surprise. The children needed to count out the correct number bugs to go into the bowl and surprise their friends with a bug filled pudding.

We have also finished our cards to send to Poland, started reading words in phonics, went on a fireworks adventure with JB, talked about the difference between wants and needs, drew our families, learnt about our rights and discussed how the Smurfs became refugees at the beginning of the first film.

Week 3 – Smurf village


At the end of last week, the children found some Smurfs in our classroom. They were excited by them and asked if we could learn about them. This week I received a phone call from Papa Smurf with some very sad news. Gargamel, the mean wizard, has destroyed their village! The children volunteered to help them make new houses so we got started straight away.

Our first designs were very beautiful with lots of elaborate ideas about traps and reinforced glass. Handy Smurf was really impressed! Painter Smurf however suggested that the children have a go at making simpler designs to begin with. This would mean that they could copy them perfectly and then add extra features on afterwards. The children did a wonderful job of sticking to their plans during our STAY and PLAY session where our grown-ups came in to help us paint. The Smurf village is looking wonderful now! I’m sure we will see much more of the Smurfs as the term goes on.

Week 2 – Bramley Hedge. A birthday party


This week we received a letter from Lady Daisy, a mouse from Bramley Hedge. She lent us a book all about her little kingdom and asked us if we would help plan a party for Wilfred the mouse.

The children came up with lots of different things that we would need for our party and we began to develop our party role play for all of the children to use. We have also been making playdough birthday cakes and matching numerals on party bags to the correct amount of objects.

In art we learnt about all of the different tools we could use to join materials, discussed some of the pros and cons and practised using each method ready to make something next week.

We also continued learning new sounds, practising phonics skills, had a maths event with our parents and discovered that our travelling teddy has now arrived in Malta!

Week 1 - Spiders


We started the week by reading ‘The Very Busy Spider’ by Eric Carle. The children fell in love with this repetitive story straight away and were inspired to do lots of spider mark making afterwards.

During circle time we then talked about how the very busy spider could be a good friend. We decided that it was rude to ignore the other animals and came up with lots of kind things she could have said instead. We also discovered that it is important to say no thank you to things that might hurt us or make us sad.

Later in the week we learnt about a spider’s body parts and enjoyed some sorting activities where the children explained how they knew whether each creature was a spider or not.

In maths the children have been comparing different groups of objects using the words more, less and the same. We played lots of different games and the children began to experiment with grouping, changing amounts and describing what they had done.

Green event - making playdough

Week 7 – Bees

This week we learnt all about bees! We learnt how bees make honey, tried honey from a spoon and recorded which children liked it or disliked it. We realised that different children like different things and that is ok! Some of the children suggested ways that they like to eat honey at home so we decided to write letters and shopping lists with all the ingredients we need. After some fabulous mark making it appeared that Toast was the most popular choice so on Friday the children made their own honey toast. It was great to see the children spreading their own honey out and enjoying what they had made.

Throughout the week we also took part in lots of busy bee activities and the children even made a hive from egg boxes to decorate our ‘Little Kingdom’ display board.

What a truly busy last week of term.

Week 6 – Bug Ball WOW event

WOW! The children did such an incredible job for their Bug Ball WOW event. They all remembered the steps, danced and smiled beautifully, behaved brilliantly and had great fun making Bug Ball Champion medals. Thank you to all of the grown-ups that came to watch and help you made it extra special for the children!

A bug dance

Still image for this video

Week 6 – The Ant and the Grasshopper

This week we started by reading the story ‘The Ant and the Grasshopper’. We learnt lots of new vocabulary from reading the book and learnt to retrieve information by looking back through the pictures. We were then able to answer questions about the story more accurately.

Later in the week the children then acted out the story in small groups and created freeze frames with Mr Bailey. Can you spot the ant carrying the heavy corn and the grasshopper playing his violin in the summer? Can you spot the sad, hungry grasshopper and the happy ant in his house when winter came?

We have also enjoyed doing some cosmic yoga, making some beautiful leaf wreaths, counting conkers, leaves, pine cones and feathers, sorting objects by their initial sounds and deciding on our Green event activity for next week.

World Animal Day

On Wednesday 4th October it was World Animal Day. To celebrate we talked about our pets and learnt about a new mini-beast, the worm. We researched where they like to live, discovered that there are much longer worms in other countries, went on worm hunt, made wormaries and finally played a camouflage game at the end of the day.

On Friday we then decorated worm and butterfly cakes, class 1 made snake egg cakes and we held a bake sale for parents which raised a fantastic £130.66! Thank you to everyone who donated!

Week 5 – Worms

What an incredibly busy and exciting week it has been!

We have loved worm painting, spaghetti worm collecting, cheerio worm creating and worm mark making as part of our enhanced provision.

We have been exploring length in maths and using the words shorter and longer, longest and shortest. In phonics we are playing games that help us to hear the initial sounds in words and help us to orally blend sounds.

Preparations for our Bug Ball WOW event are well under way. We have started to decorate our ballroom, our dances are being perfected and we have done a little research, watching clips from Strictly Come Dancing, to find out what else we will need. The children decided that costumes are a must!

We have also been caring for our butterflies. The children now remember lots of facts about what they eat, how we can care for them and their life cycle. We were incredibly proud of how kind and gentle the children were when we released the butterflies on Friday.

Week 4 – Ladybirds

At the end of last week, we read the lazy ladybird. This ladybird was so lazy it didn’t know how to fly! Our ladybirds have been getting themselves into a little bother by being so lazy too. Our firefighters have been rescuing them from under beds, above light switches, between frogs, next to the white board and using lots of preposition words to describe where they had been found.

We have also been learning about feelings this week. The children pulled some amazing faces with Mr Bailey’s feeling putty.

We have learnt some new texture words too describing how bugs would feel to touch and exploring some natural resources.

Week 3 – Ladybirds

‘What the ladybird heard’ has been an awesome book to start our ladybird week. The children have loved being police officers, have searched high and low for clues, discovered footprints, handprints and eventually found Lanky Len and Hefty Hugh.

Throughout the week we have also been colour mixing and learning colour names, we learnt about the ladybird lifecycle, we have practiced listening for the initial sounds in words while playing pass the basket and we have started to learn another dance for our ‘Bug Ball’ at the end of term.

Finally take a look at our incredible caterpillars who have now created cocoons.

Week 2 – Butterflies

We have really got to grips with the butterfly life cycle this week by acting it out and making life cycle plates. We have also loved exploring colours using butterflies, we worked as teams to chalk huge butterflies on the floor outside, we had an awesome adventure in PE with JB the dog, we have made shape pictures, leaf necklaces and much, much more. All while keeping a very eye on our own tiny caterpillar’s development. What a difference one week makes!

Week 1 - Caterpillars


What a wonderful first week! Welcome to all of the new Reception children and parents.

We started the week by reading “The Very Hungry Caterpillar”. They children love this story and eagerly hunted for wild caterpillars in the cabbage leaves. We have also tried hungry caterpillar food, done a hungry caterpillar dance, planted some lettuce, started our bug number hunt and enjoyed lots of other mini-beast activities too.

Not only was this the children’s first week at school but there were also some other, even smaller, new starters in Reception. Our baby caterpillars arrived on Tuesday and as the week has gone on they have already grown a lot; take a look.