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Autumn Term 2018 - Marvellous Mayans

This term our topic is the 'Marvellous Mayans'. We will be looking at the Ancient Mayan tribe and researching some of the things that they invented. We will also be looking at similarities between how they lived and how we live today.

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Week 6

This week, in Literacy, the children wrote a diary entry related to our Guided Reading book ‘The Explorer’. Throughout the week, we then looked at the key features of writing a good diary entry.

In Maths, Year 6 were looking at multiplication and division word problems. Year 5 were looking at subtraction methods to 1 000 000.

In Science, the children wrote conclusions about the bread experiment that they conducted the previous week.

Our topic of ‘Marvellous Mayan’s’ saw us learning about their writing system.

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Week 5

This week, after looking at features of information leaflets, the have finished their own Mayan information leaflet. They used ICT and books to research extra information and printed out images to enhance their leaflet.

In Science, the children looked at helpful and harmful types of bacteria. They also conducted an experiment to see under which conditions, bacteria grew the quickest. The children were given 2 slices of bread, and they had to decide where to put it (in the light or dark) and the condition of the bread (dry or wet). Both slices were then monitored during the week.



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Week Four


This week in Literacy, the children were given a ‘Cold Task’ to create an information leaflet on the Mayan Civilization. They weren’t given any information, except they could use anything that was already in their books so far. Later on in the week, we looked at the key features of leaflets, and what a good one should look like.

In topic, we looked further at the Mayan Civilization and what primary and secondary sources are available for us to research about them. The children were given photograph to answer questions from, and attempt to draw the picture themselves.

In Science, the children followed on their classification of animals from last week, by creating their own ‘Curious Creature’ to classify using the criteria from the previous week.


In RE we explored Trinity, that it is the Christian belief that there is one God, the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.


Memory verse:
May the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ, and the love of God, and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit be with you.
2 Corinthians 13, verse 14

We wrote the memory verse inside the symbol of Trinity and then also decorated some.

We wrote the memory verse inside the symbol of Trinity and then also decorated some. 1
We wrote the memory verse inside the symbol of Trinity and then also decorated some. 2

Week Three

In English this week, the children have published their Dream World stories and some have word processed them on computers.

In Maths the Year 6's have been multiplying by 2 digit numbers and the Year 5's have been rounding numbers.

The children were introduced to the Mayan Number System during topic this week, and to work out some number problems.

In Science, following on from last week, when the children were classifying species of animals the children used the Linnaean System to classify animals further.


We explored the symbolism in Christianity.  We started the lesson by discussing the symbols we have in our everyday lives before matching the Christian symbols with their explanation.

Which symbols do you recognise?

Which symbols do you recognise? 1

Sorting the Christian symbols...

Sorting the Christian symbols... 1
Sorting the Christian symbols... 2
Sorting the Christian symbols... 3
Sorting the Christian symbols... 4


This week, we researched a bit more about the Maya tribe and produced our own information page. We also looked at some of the Gods the Maya worshipped and talked about how the Priests influenced what went on in Mayan culture.

In English this week, the children were drafting and editing their Dream World stories.

In Science, we looked at classification and how taxonomists classify species of animals. The children were given a task where they had to classify species together so that they would be housed in a zoo safely and in the appropriate enclosures.




We started our topic off, with the children doing a knowledge harvest. They wrote down what they already knew about the Maya and then wrote down questions that they would like to find out throughout the topic.

We were then introduced to the Maya tribe. We found out where they originated from and how long ago they lived.

The children labelled maps to show where the Maya settled.

In English, the children have been planning a story based around their Dream World stories.