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Autumn Term 2 2015 - Newsflash!

Week 6: The WOW Event!
Picture 1 Planning
Picture 2 Planning
Picture 3 Planning
Picture 4 Planning
Today's event was a huge success! The children really enjoyed making their shelters and they received fantastic support from their parents. Thank you to everyone who supported the event, whether you came along, sent cardboard and other resources, or provided warm clothes so that your child could participate comfortably. We're looking forward to more events like this in the new year!
Week 5: The 1966 World Cup


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Week 5: The Monarchy
After looking at the royal family tree, the children decided that they wanted to learn more about King Henry VIII. We researched his wives showed our findings through drama, then explored Henry's appearance through sketching. We sketched one quarter of the picture and then put it together with the rest of our group to produce these final works of art! What do you think of our use of criss-cross, swirls and different pencils?
Week 3: WWII
Planning and creating our own war posters using persuasive techniques.
Week 2: The Fire of London
Class Collage

Tuesday 10th November

Tuesday 10th November  1
Tuesday 10th November  2
Tuesday 10th November  3
Tuesday 10th November  4
Tuesday 10th November  5
Tuesday 10th November  6
Tuesday 10th November  7
Tuesday 10th November  8

Today we started work on our class collage of The Fire of London. We had to choose appropriate materials, think carefully about the colours and plan in detail so that all members of the group were working towards the same goal. More photos will be posted once we've finished it!

Thursday 12th November

Thursday 12th November 1
It's finished! What do you think of our use of texture and colour?!

London's Burning

London's Burning 1
London's Burning 2
London's Burning 3
London's Burning 4
London's Burning 5
London's Burning 6
London's Burning 7
London's Burning 8
London's Burning 9
Using the iPads and instruments to play 'London's Burning' and then convert this onto the stave using musical notation. 
Week 1: The Plague
During the second part of the Autumn term, we will be learning about different news stories which have made the news around the world. We are starting with The Great Plague in Week 1, and working through a vast range of events which have been key in shaping our country over hundreds of years.

Our Paired Plague Stories

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Cassie and Sophie


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Thomas and Bradley

Developing maths skills

Investigating moods in art

Investigating moods in art 1

What do you think of this painting?

What mood does it create? Can you describe the way it makes you feel?

Why has the artist chosen these colours?

Think about the expressions on the people's faces and the items you can see in the background.


We looked at this photograph before we did any other research about the Great Plague, so that we could form our own opinions about the way people's lives were affected before we were influenced by other sources.

Monday 2nd November - Project Launch

First news reports

To launch the new project, the children created some news reports to share their excitement and to think about the different aspects of TV news reports. As this is also going to be part of their WOW event, we thought it would be a super chance to practise peer-review and developing work using feedback from others.


Together, the children decided that they needed to work on:

- avoiding background noise,

- making sure their scripts were specific and detailed,

- maintaining attention to detail throughout - e.g. avoiding reflections in the background.


They also recognised that they had:

- used a good range of camera angles,

- smiled throughout (to show their positive attitudes to the new project),

- covered all of the important details that we discussed beforehand.


We can't wait to create more news reports once we've covered this in more detail. It will be interesting to see how much we've improved!


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